The trick is you think you were tricked. There is no deceit only paths to truth.

Patterns in the World in Miracles


For me, god is life. I have not experienced a single sovereign god. I experience multiple gods, though I don’t like the term god. It’s too hierarchical.

e ulu e ulu, kini o ke akua. kini = innumerable number of “gods”. Only akua is not God. In the old usages; akua (best we can decipher today) translates as a = at the place of / kua = base of, or a spine, or a source / e ulu = is beseeching nurturing, growing. Developing love for the divinities and the divine as a community. I find in my own explorations, I do often discover concepts that have ancient roots without having had any direct exposure to the original source.

In my experience, there are patterns in the world that have their origin, or authentication, in events that occurred before the rise of the human domain. Somehow talk to all the shades and meanings of the universe, seen and unseen. Other life forms set up a rhythm that we were born into, and these still affect us.

We have that in chants too. The before time of all of it, and it is said when you chant this, you touch base with it and become before time yourself. This wisdom is available to everyone who listens. Even science is beginning to question the reality of what we call time.

Maybe this is why so many people go to gurus for chants and Om stuff? Mantras. Possibly.

I don’t know, so I put up an ancient star map of navigators of old. It showed the name at that place before the time of before. Well, just as the rhythms of the animals affect us, so do the elements, and so do things that have nothing to do with any specific form of matter.

This reminds me of a particular sect of Buddhism that focuses primarily on chanting, and they speak of the miraculous events this creates in your life. Rinzai is accessing the divine order.

If I were to offer my opinion, I would say that those special people, the miracle workers, though they may have had special traits that lead them to that path, were mostly changed by exposure to this order, this song metaphorically speaking.

In my experience, miracles aren’t favoritism. They aren’t personal favors at all. I have seen nothing to make me believe that anyone is especially favored.

There have been those who thought they were and pushed it along with mass suicides. Indeed, it’s perhaps a miracle that humanity as a species hasn’t all taken that long swim into the sea, like lemmings.

I love the phrase, the benign indifference of the universe. Of course today we need to say, universes. Yes, it’s a good phrase.

With the idea of miracles from divine order, would good karma pave the way, so to speak? I would say it creates clarity instead, making choices clearer and more insight available. The universe is like a canvas, or a sheet of paper. Make your marks with a shaky hand, and recovering your intention gets much harder. Though because it’s a living canvas, it’s never impossible, and well… Have you ever tried to use a tool and grasp it possessively at the same time?

I hit my thumb. It creates the shaky hand I spoke of. Another word for miracle is singularity event. Miracle = something significant.

It is as if some of us are going to be kicked up another notch, so to speak. Everyone is I think, but they aren’t all handling it well. There are many people acting lolo or however you would spell it. Lolo is crazy.

My advice is find your breath, then find the ground, then find your feet, then find the way, and then rest and do it all again.

Existence is a miracle. They still don’t know why matter exists in this form, why it wasn’t all negated by anti-matter, but here we are. It is a good place to be.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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