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Independent Universes in Ripple Realities

Ripple Realities

We are talking about ripple realities. So first a little background.

All universes stem from what could be called a common source. The energy behind these various universes formed into different bodies that look something like the universe as we know it. Each of these universes had its start at the same “time” (for lack of a better word) as ours did, and they each exist in a way we might think of as independent.

Now water, though it can form what seems like endless varieties of crystalline patterns (we call them snowflakes), still has the base element in common. It’s still all water in its essence. This also applies to each of the universes. They are still all energy in their essence, but the matrix and how it’s arranged to influence what we would call the behavior of matter can differ, and potentially differ a great deal.

Snowflakes do have some elements of structure and, if you will, geography in common. They have a center and they have an edge let’s say. So if you mapped snowflakes you could compare them to each other, look at how one formation occurs at a specific point in the snowflake and a different one in another.

Usually six sides as well I think. Yes. Odds are there are some normative patters like that. I am not completely familiar on the principles behind snowflake formation. This is just one of my elaborate metaphors.

In each universe you have something, or the observable lack of something, at the same point in space as you yourself existed. It had its own version of an origin that parallels your own personal origin. It is more or less that universes version of you. It is not actually you. It is an independent being that fills that time space and purpose in its universe. The universe leaves no part of its structure unfilled.

Imagine tapping into the combined intelligence of all your other selves. If you saw universe two’s version of you, you might not even recognize it as human, let alone have it share any of your specific life experiences. In universe two it’s analog or parallel of you might be a cephalopod.

So in another universe I may be a cthulu? Yes, or an arachnid, or maybe nothing like anything you have here at all. Though the closer it is to our universal shell, the more it would be like our universe.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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