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There is only freedom without, when there is freedom within.

Thought Independent Of Mind in Psionics


Ever notice how “your” mind seems to do things you don’t want it to? Or surprising things you don’t anticipate? In psionic animism, mind, and even more specifically mind forms, (we call them thought) have their own spirit. They have their own psychic energy and many try to control their minds (and by that, I mean their thoughts). I don’t know anyone who really succeeded and this is a good thing. It would make us twist the psionic world, or “mindscape”, as badly as we twisted the natural world.

You cannot control your thoughts. You can control your mind. That part of your consciousness that is actually your mind, and you can “befriend” your thoughts. Even get them to side with you and go along with your will, but this is why thoughts seem “viral”. That’s a really narrow metaphor, but it points to a truth. The world that you call your mind isn’t as clear as you think it is, and the reason it’s not is because you have been taught that clarity is a state of mind that is not real. That clarity of mind is control of mind, and energy is matter / matter is energy.

I’m reminded of the description in Buddhist meditation of how you can feel the energy of a thought. You can know a thought is coming before you even have it. Thought can be felt like that, because it is independent of mind.

Thoughts have their own spirit like the manitous of the rocks and the earth, but in a different way or the same way? Oh, in a different way than matter beings. Thought and the thought spirits tend to function as a sort of hyper space. Every matter being has a mind and thus a psychic presence.

A world aside, almost? Yes, but the psionic world has a memory all its own. The psychic energy is by itself the force of memory. It sustains all forms of thought even if their “thinker” has long since passed into another reality. The term thinker would be more clearly understood as seer. This is why we say a thought occurs to us, because they are independent events, and is also why we say something can “appear” to match a thought we say we have.

Perhaps I should bring this back down to earth. Psionic talents can accomplish many things, from healing to material alteration to even influencing the probability that any specific event will occur. This psychic energy is as powerful an energy as the elements themselves. It has the same amount of power as the elements.

Hence “the power of prayer”. Exactly. One can develop a great deal of personal psychic energy, a great deal of psionic power. Grow quite strong and become able to seek in the mindscape much farther than the average mind can, but even this powerful psionic mind can’t just reform thought as they choose. To damage a thought is to damage your own mind, and to mar the fabric of the psionic world and its connection to the physical. Instead, they learn to influence thought, sway it.

If the Psionic would do good, they marshal the thoughts of the mindscape to support peoples best interests, make manifest the greater good. If they are driven by anger, they can marshal thoughts against those who consider themselves THE thinkers, and then it would seem as peoples minds had turned on them and their personal mental strength could easily break. However, the psionic world is a living world, and no actions are without consequences.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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