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Walls don’t always block. They can funnel, intensifying the flow of the river.

Physical Psionics in Psionics


A psionic example is comparing psionics to shamanism. A shaman speaks to the spirits of animals and can receive communications from these spirits. The spirits a shaman communicates with are the “higher self” of the animal, and the animal spirit reasons like a higher self. Animal spirits are very wise.

A psionic contacts the individual animals mind which works like ours does, but with the context of that species.

The shaman might calm the animal by speaking to the spirit. The psionic would calm the animal by calming its nerves with their own energy, but in the end it’s the same result, calm animal.

I still find it strange that the principles of mind are more foreign to us then external forces, but I guess it makes sense. We understand the universe today better then we know how the human mind works. The human has always looked outwards first. The big reason why is they see the outer as real and the inner as symptomatic. Effect not cause. Well, the energies of magic are causative (cause things), and the energies of mind are causative (cause things), even your body to move. It would seem obvious, but it’s maybe the problem. It is too obvious.

Let’s get to the most concrete thing, physical psionics. I have spoke of the artefacts of mind and the behaviour of one mind on another. This is my strong point, but there is more to it than that. Just as in the martial arts, psionic energy can be projected. It often is without our conscious awareness of it. I have gotten very cranky and jammed electronics and fractured other objects physical structures before. Normally, when our psionic energy touches a physical object we flinch, pull it back. You might have experienced this.

At most, people use their psionic energy like a cat uses its whiskers. Ever be sort of shuffling around in the dark and just for some reason feel that you were about to back into, or walk into, an object?

Yes, and then reached out my hand. After you get nervous and pull your energy back in. You can train yourself to let your energy stay out and remain in contact with physical objects.

Blind people do it? Their ‘minds eye’? Yes, they do. Their brains have as much energy as ours, but their eyes aren’t using any of it so they extend it psionicly. But more than just being able to psionicly “feel” your way around physical matter, if you keep the energy extended you can focus it on one object of contact. Focus the energy that moves you into that object influencing its material composition or even its gross physical placement. Or maybe more simply, sense where it has a stress point and either decide whether it’s fixable or if you should use it, or just sense how to break it if you need to.

Hmm, the karate people breaking stacks of wood? That’s a simple example of it.

As far as a model of physical psionics, a young teen usually has a lot of energy, yes? Are usually sullen and fantasize about throwing stuff about the room? A cranky teen psionic subconsciously lets that energy act out their frustration. Then you get a “poltergeist” which is very rarely a spirit as usually spirits have better things to do than throw a teenage tantrum.

Influencing a coin toss might be another example? I have done it before. I also have used an “empathic” signal to make a guys arm cramp when I was arm wrestling him.

The MIT Global Consciousness Project that has random number generators around the planet are actually studying psionics? It detects surges at the same time as significant global events happen. It’s reading psionic energy, but not exclusively. There are spiritual energies in that mix too. Psionic forces are very powerful. They could be considered a fifth state of matter.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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