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If you believe you exist because of what you do, then every moment you are unrealized.

Be Psionic in Psionics


How does one know if they are Psionic? Those who are called to mysticism feel a desire to love/serve one or more spirits or gods, and they show the influence of these spiritual forces in their life. That’s a mystic. Christian mystics are very Christ like, Buddhist mystics are Buddha’s, though usually neither show this one hundred percent of the time.

Then pagans or wiccans would be psionic too? Can be, but usually aren’t. They are usually in harmony with natural magic. They are open and devoted to the spirits and gods in nature. I haven’t gotten to psionics yet. I have covered mystics, and now magic.

For the magically inclined, they show the presence of the forces they work with in their being. A hermetic philosopher will seem very elemental. They will act like the forces they channel in their magic. A wiccan or pagan will be very animal. They will act like the creatures of nature they feel a kinship with.

What about when they work with mythical creatures? They will act like the mythical creature. A dragon mage will show dragon like traits, and likely did even before they began dragon magic. Dragons are much like devas in India. They are keepers of the land, and the first nature spirits to fully awaken are shapers, river and mountain makers. A dragon mage would see the natural world in a very big picture way. Rather than feel a kinship with one forest, they would feel a connection to the substance of the world itself. Animals and such could actually be a bit afraid of a dragon mage even though the dragon mage understands them well.

Now a psionic would be very in tune with what people are thinking, feeling and imagining. Not as part of the seasons cycles, but as a process in itself, and generally they are very aware of the effect of psionic energy in themselves. They feel it when their energy has become imbalanced, and they know that they have made themselves sick and why. In general, they have an instinct for how to change their connections to the world and their behaviour to rebalance their mind energies.

Is an empath psionic? An empath is psionic, yes. Though if they focus on that they are narrowing their potential too much.

To clear something up, and make it clear I am not making a value judgement. If you want psionic energy read, go to a psionic. They can share all of the information that is in that energy, but they would be limited to what “minds” perceive. If you would seek guidance from nature/the land (which knows different things than what “minds” know), it would be best to go to the keepers of the “rites of nature.” Someone attuned to the cycles and processes of nature. A psionic very often isn’t. Now can a psionic attune themselves to nature? Yes, but we all generally can only do one thing at a time, and really we only do one thing (or a focused set of things) naturally. Everything else is learned.

Is a musician less of an artist than a painter? A psionic is no less or more valuable/skilful/important than anyone else with any other gift.

Be well, and if you are also so inclined, be psionic.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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