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I will offer that there is no mystery in human behavior, just the schism between light and darkness that we create. All behavior arises from the same life force whether we judge the outcome as good or bad.

Behaviour of Metaphysical Practice in Psionics


We are talking about psionics, but first a clarification.

Most metaphysical practices rely on an understanding of forces in the metaphysical/spiritual world that don’t originate from the self. The assistance of spirits, the power of various substances or symbols, even language as an observable external phenomenon.

For this discussion, it’s important that we get into the behaviour of these practices. How and why they work. Perhaps the most basic concept behind magical practices is the principle of sympathy/correspondence. Things that seem to be connected are connected. Even animals use it.

The color red, say. Red is always associated with danger, bleeding, poisonous animals, stress, etc. Even if you like the color, studies have been done that show it makes your blood pressure go up. Part of why some people like red so much is that it gives them that rush.

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Ok, so magic sees connections in the environment and uses them to empower the practitioner to influence the world in conformity with their intention. We agree this defines magic?

Now down to the point. Bottom line is that all of the insights and energies used in magic are those external to the “self.” The person might be applying their intellect and therefore be “using their mind” but the actual active agent is an energy that acts according to its own nature.

Let’s say the forces of magic are like rocks. Rocks are all around us, and if you arrange them into a pile this will influence how nature around this newly stacked pile of rocks behaves. Perhaps a ground squirrel or a snake will decide it’s home, or dirt will build up in the rock pile and seeds will sprout. The forces of physics or the elements might change your rocks pile also. The practice of magic works this way. Magic lets you find forces that are acting in your life, and influence how they arrange themselves to change how they behave for you.

Maybe this will be a revelation, maybe not. Ever notice that a mind state can seem to influence or leave an energy in a room?

Hmm, like tension? Sometimes I walk into a room of people and immediately wonder what’s up even though people are just sitting, and I have noticed the dog won’t stay in the room if someone is angry or very tense. Psionics is the understanding and use/application of forces that originate on and act on that level of reality. Animals are psionicly sensitive, and humans are or can be also.

It’s about feeling the emotional energy? It has more depth than that, but feeling emotional energy is included in it.

It is using forces of mind (psionics) instead of the environment (magic)? Ok. Let’s compare the two shall we? In magic, to do a healing you use, and or call upon, forces that are known to be healing or life supportive to effect a healing state in the person, strengthen them. Sort of like praying, if that is your preferred method.

With psionics, you focus your own life force at the energy of the other person, and bring their ailing health condition into conformity with either your healthy state, or a model of a healthy state you form in your awareness. But it’s an interaction between two energies that originate in “minds.”

So get them to mirror us? Kind of like what we do with body language only on a deeper level? Very much like it. A psionic healer would have to be good at bio-feedback techniques themselves, because they use that awareness to sense the hurt in the other and to organize and send commands to their body to heal it.

If I were practicing psionics on someone, would a method used be to mirror their body language to duplicate it in myself and then shift it? Yes.

This reminds me of Buddhist loving kindness meditation. Is that psionics? That is more like prayer, but on the border of psionics. But the two methods could compliment each other if you are so inclined.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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