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Meditation can be an invaluable guide in seeing and allowing informed choices about your life’s manifestation.

Take This Life in Frustration


How to reconcile interpersonal frustrations? How do we live with a world that still believes in frustration? Any ideas?

Communication. Meaningful communication. Yes, and there are many levels of that, but what are we going to communicate of meaning?

Our actions / reactions in relationship. You can talk until you’re ‘blue in the face’ to some people who want to hold onto their frustration. So yes, be an example in your actions.

But there is a simple understanding to be had. Ever hear the saying that you can’t give what you don’t have? It’s just blunt logic. You can’t act with the expectation of agreement from others who have no agreement in themselves. They can’t give it to you. When they have no agreement in their being, they will do to you what they do to themselves.

Imagine we are all children, and we are trying to figure out how to get cookies. Imagining this? Ok, now each of us is sitting about wondering about all of the ‘what ifs.’ This process can get very complicated, but I just decide to take a cookie. What would this do to your thinking?

Wake me up. It would clarify. I would take one too.

When you are in agreement inside, you have the power to act from this agreement, and by doing so you communicate to others that it’s possible, and you can maybe open the channel for talk or even emotional intimacy. People trust and love best what seems to be “true.” Be true to self, and how is there any lack of love to move you?

Unfortunately, the grown-ups start yelling at the one who took the cookie saying you can’t do that. And rare is the young one who can take that, but they are young. We can take this back. Our society has been patterned in a disintegrating way. What is societies theme if it were a painting, if not disintegration? Thus they say “life is hard then you die”. Why is this even said?

Out of frustration. As Papillon said, society doesn’t want free men, it wants men who march in step. Yes. Why would we have to keep to this pattern when we can see and feel another?

I invite you, my friends, to take a cookie with me. Take this life that was always yours, and know that you do know what to do. Trust the higher order, by whatever name you call it, that didn’t do you any harm by letting you be here.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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