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Evil is characterized by opposition. So opposition breeds more of itself.

What is Frustration? in Frustration


I will try to be patient with the topic. 🙂 The topic is frustration, and it’s a condition that people tend to trip over a lot. People generally see frustration as something caused from “out there”, but can anyone tell me what out there is of its own nature frustrating? Seriously though, can anyone name even one event that of its own accord is inherently frustrating? Objectively so?

Hmm.. How about Second Life avatars that won’t stop animating? Well, it’s a condition of his avatar, but a variety of solutions are possible and he found one. The condition had no inherent quality of frustration to it. It is possible he even found it amusing. Like it’s possible he found the talk disturbing, but the form of my words would not have been publicly considered offensive.

What is frustration? Anyone care to share their view?

  • Frustration is disappointment.
  • Isn’t frustration resistance?
  • Frustration comes from resistance from the environment.
  • Your expectations are not fulfilled. You get frustrated.
  • Frustration happens, in my view, from not accepting everything that happens to you or not accepting your situation.

Exactly, but not just resistance to your environment. Resistance to your state of being as well. When people think there is a clash between their environment and their desire to be a certain way, they feel threatened. But what happens with all this frustration?

  • We kick the dog.
  • Creates negative build up of energy which blocks the energy flow through your body.

I would agree. Can we endure the tensions of frustration? Is it necessary? I offer that there is a choice, but there is a facet that people often don’t consider when frustrated. The belief/knowing/conviction. They feel it’s threatened when it seems to be thwarted. Why is this the general view?

  • Because they are scared of what they don’t know. Their whole lives they have figured things out and it’s scary to finally say, I don’t know and that’s ok.
  • We believe others can stop us?

True on all points, but it’s my experience that we know, or at least can know, exactly what we need to avoid frustration.

  • Frustration is caused by our will, by our ego and its desire to have its own way. The self image has a desire? Hmm.

The universe is structured to actualize all potentials. There could be humans, so there are humans. There can be observers, so there are observers. Anything inherently negative is also imperceptible. For any desire/motivation/inspiration there is the basis for its fulfillment or we could not have conceived of it at all.

With the realization of our inherent place in and arising from reality, how can we see any rejection in the world? Even nirvana would be part of and arise from reality, perhaps imparting its nature to the bigger picture and thus making it possible to achieve that transcendence. Nirvana translates to no wind. It means a place/state of being that has no disturbance. Some would say that God is at the point of peace, but I don’t generally preach any one theology. I try to speak to the spiritual reality we all share. With the realization that our thoughts and desires can only arise from reality, then why is there ever frustration?

So we need to observe our frustration and see if the correction needs to be made within our self? Exactly. You aren’t actually resisting your environment. Your environment is just the field of being. When you get frustrated it isn’t even about the world. It’s about your own being.

Suppose your environment is hostile? A hostile environment is still only a region of being. You really only make one decision in life, and that is “Can I live with this?” Because you are the living presence no matter where you are, you are not where you are.

Suppose I don’t want to plop in front of the TV with a dub and beer after working eight hours? Maybe I want a better life? The belief in a better life doesn’t come from the world. The world doesn’t tell you “this is a better life than yours.” It’s only life. Where you get the idea of a better life is from inside yourself, but your state of being doesn’t really do contradictions. You have a sense of what your best potential is, your “better life”, but often this doesn’t get expressed. Why is that?

You have contradictory desires? Yes. If one were concerned for their safety most, nothing would prevent them from short term safety measures until they could find enduring safety. But they believe something frustrates their effort. There is supposedly something inherently meaningful in their unsafe state, and they have chosen to see it as more real than their belief that they should be safe. Is this actually the environment? How can an environment prevent you from being safe?

If I can’t control it? You can’t control any environment. They are inherently dynamic. Are we unsafe everywhere? I would say that if a person recognized an environment as unsafe, and didn’t prioritize a belief that they must have something from that environment, they would not continue to remain there. This unfair to say?

The frustration is still in the person. People believe they must have something from some situation or place they otherwise generalize as bad, or they will focus on a problem in an environment or situation they otherwise generalize as good.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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