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Meditation is intimacy with self. You are stopping and opening your awarness to “death” in the moment.

Our Decision in Frustration


We can see very deeply the qualities in the world, but that’s not where our decision resides. Our decision is “How do I live with this situation?” Is there any other decision really? Is there any decision you could make that has any other meaning? We resist a situation when we believe we cannot live in it.

Frustration is a manifestation of the fight or flight response. This instinct manifests by degrees or it would be crippling. It’s fortunate that it can be frustration and it isn’t always heart pounding fear. But whenever we are frustrated it has nothing to do with life or the physical world. All that we would do, or could want to do, is possible in the world. Possible, but not necessarily ready at hand. We err in insisting that to live our lives our every potential need be readily at hand. We grow as all things grow, but human frustration tends to stymie us and stunt that growth, and we blame the world.

Patience appears to be the mirror of frustration? Patience is an instinct as well as the fight or flight response, and it’s healthier. What patience is, is that sense that lets us feel the rhythm of events around us. The lion gets a feel for when would be the right time to run the zebra down. It can’t just arbitrarily decide that now its time just because it wants it to be time. That’s a uniquely human psychosis, but we as human beings feel this same sense of life’s rhythms. This is why people are drawn to hanging out in groups, and why people are drawn to venture out into the otherwise supposedly inhospitable wilderness, because it lets you feel “alive.” Can you feel alive and feel frustrated at the same time?

We can know peace without frustration when we understand frustration for what it is, and let that inform us about human nature. Then we can choose how to find balance within ourselves.

What would motivate us to change or experience something different if things are going well. Why would we even want change? Natural desire for life is motivating. We would want change because human nature seeks growth over stagnation. There is an instinct that says stagnation = risk of death.

In Taoism, they say the thousand things stem from the one way. A formless movement that moves all forms or life, as people use the term. Life as a process or dynamic.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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