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Spirit Remembers in Face


My topic today is sort of complex for its actual simplicity. I chose the word “face” because it was one idea that has many faces or facets.

We all have many faces. In the fullness of ones life we have many forms of self image, changing opinions about our place in the world and our relationships to the people in it, and the most common reason why anyone acts out in a relationship is to “save face”. It’s even called “frontin” in street lingo.

A front is a face. We live in a world of faces and we react almost exclusively to them, but what is there behind the face? When a face changes, why do most peoples attitudes toward them change?

The way we are is always in relation. If you change, I have to change also.

Because there attitude changed?

Both right, but also incorrect. Yes, we define the world and the people in it by faces. We take things at “face value”, but in fact, every face will change in time and this will have nothing to do with either coercion or dishonesty.

Because body language tells as the truth? I would say body language tells us only part of the truth. It tells us a truth of the moment, but I find I often see the spirit in the face.

There are many factors we use, even including smell, on how we see people. True indeed, but any sensory impression is still a face.

What unifies everything about a person? Are we all nothing more than a collection of changing super-facial states? When I look at an old woman, I can see the young woman she once was, even the child. How would this be possible?

Her spirit is unchanging. Spirit is like a fire burning in the body. It will even one day burn that body out, and like fire it changes its apparent shape but remains pure in its essence. Every attitude you have ever had is preserved in your spirit, even if your current attitude would seem to deny the truth of an old one.

The innocent young child becomes the clever and conniving young adult that then becomes the burned out and disillusioned old person, but the spirit there remembers all the faces it wore. In any given moment it will “dance” between those states, the old, the new, and the totally brand new.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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