What are you putting your attention on? That’s your intent.

Be Who You Are In Truth in Face


In special operations teams, those small para-military groups that act as deniable agents of the powers that be, there is always a member that serves as the teams “face”. They act as the visible agent of an otherwise invisible group, and are usually well trained in techniques to control their identity both as data and as a rememberable event, like the “Men In Black” some people have reported contact with.

They are masked groups and this is necessary for their intent, for the “spirit” of why their group exists. As I pointed out earlier, masks can serve either the purpose of deceit or they can serve to reveal, and you do not only represent your single solitary presence in the world. You represent yourself and as the Shamans always said, “All your relations.” You represent your heroes, the parts of the world you love. You represent your most cherished beliefs, the great spirits in this world such as love, and truth, and compassion.

Does your mask reveal all of your relations? Do you find that some times one connection is valid and sometimes another is more appropriate? Do you feel guilty about any of your faces, because you feel they are fake?

It’s possible there is something amiss in your spirit gallery, but the best way to hide anything is behind the truth. People never look there. The strain of keeping to “recognized” concepts that have no room for your spirit will make any truly false face crumble. Not only to your own disappointment, but to that of all those around you as well. I prefer to abandon losing strategies myself, and if from a simple rejection of the truth, I can take shelter in another persons self deception.

Sometimes it is best to hide the true identity behind the mask. Well, for a time that’s acceptable to me. They will see the truth in time as all illusions will inevitably crumble. If the blind are blind of their own devising, can I liberate them by denial of their freedom of choice? If the fearful hide their eyes when confronted with my true face, do I serve them better by hiding it?

You can only show them that they can see, but the decision to be blind or not is always the individuals. Yes, and when they take their hands off of their eyes, then I can greet them with open arms and together we can finally communicate and see each other eye to eye. But this doesn’t come about from calling anyone a liar. No healing comes from making the deceitful feel guilty about their deceit. That just makes them want to lie to themselves which is the greatest evil possible, and if I feed that, then I bear the burden of shame more deeply than they do.

If you want people to “keep it real”, there is only one valid way to encourage that. Be who you are in truth, and know who that is even if it flickers like the shadows from a camp fire. If it does seem a shadow play, I promise you it’s your hand that makes the images. When you see that this is the truth, you can guide your own hand, and do in truth what you before swore was your intention. Can anyone have more power in life than this? Can anyone serve in any greater way than this?

Some may accuse one who seeks power of arrogance, but the simple truth is you cannot give what you do not have. So yes, I will admit I follow a “left hand path”, but not from any malice. Rather from a deep recognition of my own spirit, and the tendency of dark forces to manifest in the world even among the most well intentioned of people. As they say, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” Someone has to know it, and who better to guide the lost back out of the dark? I accept this mask. This is my face despite the contempt many show for it.

In the Yezidi faith the “fallen angel” was the rightful sovereign of the world itself. The transgression of the fallen angel was to find fault with the creators work. He judged the creator as having been cruel to the created beings, and while he was hung up on that he could not serve to liberate humanity. The Yezidi prophecy is that the fallen angel will come to reconcile with the creator, and the world will know a peace and prosperity it has never seen before.

Humanity has had many intuitions about the spirit world, unfortunately the great bulk were half truths at best, but that clarity they all spoke of is coming and very soon. It’s reason to rejoice. It will be easier to live if people give up the old ideas, though. The road can be made smooth by those who will seek the real truth and stability that is to be had in life, and these are present in the spirit within.

It’s simple, but kind of complex. Then you understand perfectly.

A lot of concepts are easy to get, but are harder to understand under the microscope. Big picture = easy. Trust your heart. This works on any level.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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