'Face' Chapter


We live in a world of faces and we react almost exclusively to them, but what is there behind the face? You do not have a face. There is no face that is yours. The face of your mother is the face of the earth mother herself. The fact that anything can have a face is a deep mystery, but your ideas of face are not the same as what the eye reveals to you. When you accept that faces are not enough, then you see the mystery behind any face.

Why is there a face at all? Why is it that this appears to me? When you ask yourself this then you can see spirit more than faces.

“To a true artist only that face is beautiful which, quite apart from its exterior, shines with the truth within the soul” Mahatma Gandhi (Indian Philosopher, internationally esteemed for his doctrine of nonviolent protest, 1869-1948)

“His face bespoke his soul” Voltaire (French Philosopher and Writer. One of the greatest of all French authors, 1694-1778)

Spirit Remembers

My topic today is sort of complex for its actual simplicity. I chose the word “face” because it was one idea that has many faces or facets. We all have many faces. In the fullness of ones life we have… Seek More

Free The Spirit In Second Life

Why do faces become masks? We get attached to them as our identity, because we have an idea. Idea = identity, and we feel we must have this. Supposedly, it’s not only the only way we can relate, it comes… Seek More

Be Who You Are In Truth

In special operations teams, those small para-military groups that act as deniable agents of the powers that be, there is always a member that serves as the teams “face”. They act as the visible agent of an otherwise invisible group,… Seek More

Real Self

Today we talk about faces. Face as an aspect of reality. Face, is that a military command? It is a military command, and everyone is to some degree militant. When we seek to save face, what are we seeking to… Seek More

Faces Are Not Enough

Humanity as a species are primarily visual animals, that is why I chose face as a topic. When with people, what do you see? The body. Sure, I see the body before the soul. Do you see the body, or… Seek More

Wisdom Of Face

If I call you child, I am right to do so. If I call you crone, I am right to do so. If I say you are as old as the hills, I am right. If I say you were… Seek More