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There is truth in the world. There is a way in the world. As Sting said, “There is a deeper way than this.” And it is expressed in stillness.

Faces Are Not Enough in Face


Humanity as a species are primarily visual animals, that is why I chose face as a topic. When with people, what do you see?

The body. Sure, I see the body before the soul. Do you see the body, or do you see what you think the body is? Is the idea of the body you have the same as what the body is?

My inner self feels beyond, but images cover this sensation. Images are not a boundary, but a benchmark. The delusion is that something is “only thus”. It isn’t that our senses deceive us. It’s that we deceive our senses. We say, “That’s good enough”, so we can then unplug our brain, detach from the world. Nature didn’t make us disconnect. We learned to do that all on our own.

The body is the forest. The body is seaweed and a nest of ants. The body is a flock of birds and bird dung. The body is many things. What we see is a face, and we cut off our power by saying, “What I see is all there is.”

You did not make your body and most people cannot fathom the greater truth. The body was not made at all. You do not have a face. There is no face that is yours. The face of your mother is the face of the earth mother herself. The fact that anything can have a face is a deep mystery, but your ideas of face are not the same as what the eye reveals to you. Do you see my avatar?

Yes. Impossible not to see it. Ok. For those of you who are willing, share one at a time your own personal understanding of what you see and only your personal understanding.

A winged kin.
A gentle demon.
I see a male figure in black clothing, red skin and wings. I do not know what this is, so I react to the colors first.
Seth as a demon of succubus coloring who wears death (the shoulder skulls) and has wings.

So do you see my avatar?

I come from another culture that does not know these things, therefore I am not triggered the same. Exactly, and very valid point. What this is and what you think this is. They are not necessarily the same, but here is the paradox. You also all see the truth, or I should correct, you see a truth. There is no one truth to see. I encourage people to try to show as much as they can of their true self here in Second Life.

Sure, but they will wear the familiar, inevitably. Yes, and they should. They just should allow the freedom to go deeper. That is the only problem with faces, the only problem with images, the only problem with egos. They can be a stumbling block instead of a stepping stone.

There is another way of seeing bravery, it’s also arrogance. You have to be brave to seek the truth, within as well as without. Which means you have to have enough arrogance to say, “This face is not enough.”

If someone tells me I am handsome, that is very nice, but that is not enough. If someone tells me I look wise, again very nice, but it is not enough. If you allow inner nature to go where it was going anyway, it exhausts itself eventually. Then your face becomes just a face, any face becomes just a face, because all faces are not enough. When you accept that faces are not enough, then you see the mystery behind any face. Why is there a face at all? Why is it that this appears to me? When you ask yourself this then you can see spirit more than faces.

It is very handy when they serve pizza. Well, ultimately it isn’t even a face that serves you the pizza. Many faces in time will have served you pizza. It’s spirit that makes it possible for you to receive pizza. It’s spirit that lets you partake of the part of the world you call food. That sustains your place here that you call a body that you will move from in time.

I contemplate the face of the pizza vs. the spirit of the pizza. Actually, that’s a good practice, because the spirit of the pizza is there in the spirit of the wheat, in the spirit of the meat, in the spirit of the beast that gave the milk, and what makes your body any more sacred than it?

There are prayers for this. Many USA homes and others say grace at the table. Yes, and they thank an authority rather than the thing itself. Why does the fish have no authority? Try to tell the shark chomping on your leg it has no authority, see how far that goes.

Society only sees the face of food today, not the spirit. In not seeing the spirit of food people poison themselves. Kill themselves with heart disease more than anything else does.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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