I will offer that there is no mystery in human behavior, just the schism between light and darkness that we create. All behavior arises from the same life force whether we judge the outcome as good or bad.

What is ‘Psychic’? in Light Practice

Light Practice

Psychic function is not any more mysterious or complicated than learning style. One of the biggest stumbling blocks about learning to perform psychically is the idea that it’s necessarily a special state of mind.

The brain itself is a sense organ. It exists to sense the input from the senses and assemble it into “coherent” perception, at least ideally. But the idea that the brain is the seat of all consciousness makes much of the minds function seem confusing. Naturally because it takes it out of context. There are many more energetic reactions in this world than science tracks, and they admit they don’t, but they assume that the brain is sort of a closed system even though research suggests this is very far from the case. If anything, the mind seems very communal. More like an inner world than a private computer system and even these days computer systems aren’t that private.

So the brain is not the mind. Mind is a part of the spirit. It is the akasha, the ka that carries the memory, the element called manas in the Hindu, the fifth element. It is very real and concrete in that it is not dependant on you as an individual. These things we experience are bigger than us. The mind has no walls. It arises as the soul does and as the body does. Though in the bodies case it’s just a state of being and not one of the first forces. So states of being, like states of matter, change. The root forces persist.

Consciousness is a force. It’s not a quirk of the human brain or of anything in the world resembling a brain. Natural quartz deposits show the same electrical signature as human neurons. Consciousness emerges through the forms, not from them. Form is not source. Form is a function of consciousness and thought has form for a reason. Plato spoke of “first forms”. He was postulating hypothetical ideals to explain their impact on the world and he was right. More so than perhaps he knew.

We all exist in a unified field. We have a fundamental connection to the ground field of existence, and when we are calm and open (which is more a state of mind than an act of will) we can experience things that might seem confusing. The secret of control is not actually control. Like we can’t choose the weather. The secret is orientation. Knowing that you are connected like this.

When I speak of orientation, I’m referring to focus. Even on that level you can focus and you can come to recognize one field of existence from another. Ever note that when you focus on a person intently you lose a sense of events? When you focus on the life around you, especially one element of it, you attune to your natural sense of life force and you can learn to read that. Empathy, and in very open cases even telepathy. Though it doesn’t work like they depict it in the movies.

Ever notice when you contemplate the activities in your environment you get a sense of flow? You can almost read a pattern and can note when something is going to happen even though there is no logical reason to predict that? People will think you’re “nuts” or “eccentric”, but you are likely also correct. I’m viewed this way.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
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