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Every moment empty of your presence is a moment made sterile and fallow.

Our Thought and Senses in Light Practice

Light Practice

What is the form of thought? Now that is interesting. Form is coherent or “encoded” memory. Energy I mean, and memory. The energy of any given object is perceptible to us. The memory and the energy of the object are not separate, but thought seems more nebulous than sense data, less clear. It’s actually not.

It’s the senses that are limited. The senses are narrow points of energetic contact. The memory of a sense impression is not some vague shadow in our brain. It is an energetic linkage to the energy that imprinted it. From your consciousness to the object of your awareness. The mind is not a closed system. It must link to an object to sense it. This is unavoidable. All sensation is connection.

Example: Some have seizures and usually “know” about an hour before one that it will happen. Others may try to say it was a pre-seizure, but they have no other deficits or symptoms when the thought arises. These people don’t understand the consciousness element. They look at the meat and say anything else is delusion.

So some would say, well why don’t I have visions? Or hear a guiding voice? It’s actually pretty simple. When we experience anything we have one or two primary ways of connecting to the world. Same as we have one or two primary ways of learning. We can do the other ways of course, but we have a natural leaning.

People with psychic ability may have strengths and weaknesses in various areas. For example, if you could feel their presence but not see them, you could work on clairvoyance techniques. Minds are sort of like snowflakes in a way and your way of thinking/learning shows up in your intuition also. In fact every mind has this potential. It’s a self awareness and general sensitivity that makes it seem to arise without being desired.

There are other non-primary means. For some I could ask, “so what did they look like?”, and they could tell me with some detail. For others, if I asked the same question, they did see them but wouldn’t remember. Vision not being primary for them. But if I asked what did they say, they might be able to tell me word for word.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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