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I think therefore I think. I think too much. Egad! I can’t stop thinking.

Triggering Psychic Function in Light Practice

Light Practice

So how to trigger the psychic ability if we choose, or knowingly avoid the triggers? Your mind is a world. Has many facets like a kaleidoscope that will show you different things with a change in focus. Most people are more focused on emotion than they would admit, and so they are caught up in a storm of emotions. Usually they don’t distinguish between something that arises in self and something that is a mood in their world. So you can deepen your awareness of that. Detach and accept it. But often that is both the easiest and the hardest to deal with. Often another facet of the mind is easier.

What we call the imagination is actually not by itself a creative faculty and people often times get caught up in random static there. But if you can examine it without trying to do it, you realize it does itself. With more focus it will play out events without your bidding and they are not illusion. They are your sense of connection. A sensitivity to your world and the energies moving in it. Is part of why people have precognitive dreams. They can detach from the idea that “imagination is mine.”

Pain used to disassociate from the senses is a long time method. But in fact the ability to handle that method, to avoid the emotional clouding…well, it is usually not recommended for most people. Due to my genetic condition my muscles are almost constantly tense. A chronic low grade pain. Have tired to explain the transcendence that can arise from pain, but in fact it’s usually to those who favour a right handed path. So is taboo. Pain does make one focus and unfocus also. A letting go that can clear the mind

If you become too emotionally involved you will not be able to view the event clearly. It’s like hearing a noise, and if your own energy is stirred by emotion, it is like you have your fingers in your ears and are gibbering to yourself. You won’t sense things clearly if at all. It’s like a part of you is missing, but it is not missing. It is alive and in you and has perhaps just grown numb.

Those who stumble across intuition by accident tend to be sensitive emotionally. Doesn’t mean they are unstable, but self maintenance demands are stronger. You are not unstable. In fact you are perhaps more stable, because you can sense those shifts. When you are open to that sense, you will feel things happening. And yes, for a variety of reasons may not be able to explain to anyone’s satisfaction. The language and culture limit that, but you can use this intuition to prepare yourself.

Myself in life I can honestly say that the only things that truly surprise me are those that will have a powerful emotional impact on me. Like Yoda said “in the future always emotions there are”, or something like that. This is why often, if you would seek precognitive insight, it can be better to seek it from someone who doesn’t have a connection to your personal events. Though this isn’t absolutely necessary, it does creates a blind spot.

The future is an accumulation of potential energies. Physical and psychic. All potential manifest but some are dim. Not much energy aligning to that outcome. And some are brighter. This is how you can gauge the likelihood of any event you are seeing and with the power of emotion, some are blinding, and detachment is necessary to see them clearly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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