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Psychic Connection to Dreaming in Light Practice

Light Practice

We remember dreams with the ‘primary’ psychic method. So this is a way to know what is primary for you. It is often why we complain we can’t remember dreams. We have heard dreams described as vivid images, so it makes everyone think that is what they should be able to recall or relate, and thus they say they can’t remember their dreams. Ultimately, they don’t because strain blocks recall.

When they speak of having a vivid dream what they mean is something simple, and it’s the reason for my personal real life intensity. You have a vivid dream when a dream has extra emotional meaning. Thus whatever your primary way of contacting the world, it is very much more intense to “symbolize” the significance of the dream. It can be vivid feelings, strong words, images, etc.

Images are part of a reality. In dreams, they are the reality. They seem distorted in dreams because there is more to the reality than our waking eyes see. We filter out the strangeness.

What is reality? Reality is spirit. The spirit needs images because spirit expresses itself in a process of communication. We to it and it to us. So images are a tool of translation from the spirit to human brain, but they are not disconnected from their source. Images have no independent existence.

On all realms form exists and you can dream and have no images. You can dream feelings. The reason you can see is because of the joining field of light. The reason you can hear is because of the power of vibration that is likewise all encompassing. We must come in contact with energy of some sort to “feel”. This is why bodies can become entrained. There is an energy. Like women’s hormonal cycles synching up or men tending to have similar bouts of aggression about once a month. These patterns are based on an energy that existed before humanity and will after.

How do you recall dreams? It isn’t necessarily one way for everyone. Some favour one thing, like how some have excellent upper body strength but less strength in their legs and others it’s the reverse. Some balance a couple of things when it comes to contacting the world. Touch can be either stronger or duller in dreams than what seems normal. Acceptance or resistance, thus the stronger or dulled sense of touch in dreams.

What about ‘thought’ in dreams? Dreaming thought and waking thought differ to the degree of deviation from core awareness. Your core awareness. Your minds first way of working can be overlapped by rigorous training and for most it is, but it can’t be removed. It is far too primal. If there is a huge dissonance between your training and your core awareness, it can even be emotionally destabilizing. Thus many “psychics” seem unstable to those around them. The strain of being normal and able to act as expected versus a strong inner awareness.

Mental state at the time of the dream can be more remembered in the nightmares. A sense of threat seems to do that. The mind is better at it for the sake of defence, but we have to move beyond that state to make the “psychic” faculty serve us in normal things. It is regrettably why negative states are easier for a psychic to pick up than positive ones.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Anthon St Maarten

    Very insightful article! I use precognitive dreams in my work on a daily basis. Over the years I have learned to distinguish between normal dreams and psychic dreams.

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