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Fold in the Flow in Cycles


We are talking about cycles. For those who are accustomed to my classes, the world can get to looking a little infinite, and I supposed daunting, perhaps a better word is boundless. Well, the world, the universe, the whole of the multiverse is infinite, but it still has borders in a sense, boundaries that localize and define presences in it.

Everyone familiar with a Mobius strip? It’s a fairly simple structure, two dimensional at least seen from one point of view. In our experience, our world and the universe appears to have what might seem like a two dimensional quality to it, no?

Two dimensional from the perspective of being stuck on the earth perhaps? Yes, and more specifically being stuck in what could be called the material phase of reality.

There are other elements of the universe that do not behave or structure themselves according to what humans would consider material structure. But the reality of matter seems pervasive and consistent because there is a slight twist in existence that people don’t usually see. A fold in the flow of things that makes it look like you can just keep going straight, like following the flow of apparently linear time. What we see as simple patterns in life, not necessarily having any outside influences, actually have a reference point we don’t see.

I will ask, what are your thoughts on the integrity of apparent cycles in reality? Isn’t it weird that so many things seem to repeat themselves so much and with little or no variation?

I have read some books that have pointed out cycles through history that were very interesting. It’s so true, it’s become cliché.

The Mayans believed that everything went in cycles. That they did.

The reason these cycles are so persistent is they overlay the geography, if you will, of a dimension of existence that has gone by many names. The spirit world being the loosest but perhaps most universal translation.

Humanity has done a very great deal of speculation regarding what agents might exist in this unseen territory. We have reams of magickal and mythological imagery, and actually, many of these creatures are directly linked to our perception of cycles, dragons, the phoenix, things like that. Even many of our holidays are based on the idea that some things are more present or more active in our world at some times of year more than others.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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