'Cycles' Chapter


There is a slight twist in existence that people don’t usually see. A fold in the flow of things that makes it look like you can just keep going straight. Cycles are so persistent because they overlay the geography of a dimension of existence that has gone by many names. The spirit world being the loosest but perhaps most universal translation.

Energy flows like water, and just like water has a cycle, energy does also. If we were to map the invisible territory that corresponds to every inch of physical space, we would be able to identify large features and small features as well. Some cycles seem to be vast and world defining, but others seem small, are fragile, mutable. The unseen territory is much like the earth beneath our feet, and although it doesn’t change quickly, it can be changed.

“Events tend to recur in cycles…” W. Clement Stone (American best selling Author and Founder of Combined Insurance Co, 1902-2002)

“Life: a cycle. A series of events, meetings, and departures. Friends discovered, others lost, Precious time, wastes away. Big droplet tears are shed for yesterday, but are dried in time for tomorrow, until all that remain are foggy, broken memories of a happy yesteryear.” Daniela Gallo

Fold in the Flow

We are talking about cycles. For those who are accustomed to my classes, the world can get to looking a little infinite, and I supposed daunting, perhaps a better word is boundless. Well, the world, the universe, the whole of… Seek More

Different Patterns in Different Places

Perhaps something a little more grounded in personal experience. How many places do you ever visit in your dreams? Ah, I seem to go to the same places over and over. A cycle, even when the events seem inconsistent, the… Seek More

Take a Walk

Energy is a cycle, and all cycles respond to positive and negative re-enforcement. I agree. Of course, there is the matter of scale. Large scale things tend to be little affected by small scale activity. Can we change the energy… Seek More

Unseen Territory

The sweet smell of a decaying corpse is typically considered repulsive, as is the sweet smell of afterbirth, and yet these qualities can reveal to us a vital part of the invisible geography of our reality. Buddhist death rites are… Seek More

Input from the Multiversal Geography

Not everything that happens in the fish pond has anything to do with the fish. Consciousness is a shared field, and again it comes down to matters of scale, scope. There are presences and intelligences that are “bigger” than us,… Seek More

It’s Happening Now

Ever notice that when you are with someone, they will often notice parts of the environment that go unnoticed by you? Women stereotypically notice things like the color of a shirt someone is wearing, and men typically notice objects or… Seek More

Feel the Multiversal Flow

In the multiversal terrain, you can feel whether you are swimming upstream, or downstream, whether you are in the shallows or out of control in the rapids. Or a whirlpool. Yes. The sense just takes refining and conscious attention. There is… Seek More

The Shallows

Easy often leads to disaster. I was about to go into that. The shallows. There are people who seek out the shallows. They aren’t actually hard to find. Anything that slows you way down puts you in the shallows; addiction,… Seek More