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You can change reality mearly by correctly directing peoples focus.

The Shallows in Cycles


Easy often leads to disaster. I was about to go into that. The shallows. There are people who seek out the shallows. They aren’t actually hard to find. Anything that slows you way down puts you in the shallows; addiction, alcoholism, severe neuroticism, self-righteous prejudice.

The shallows, the easy path, is like a swamp. Swamps have life, but they have big patches that can support no real life at all. The water is unbreathable, and there are gators, things like that. The shallows are where people go to die.

There is too much and that creates chaos. There is no harmony. Exactly. There are things that live in the chaos. They are well adapted to such an environment.

Gators. Yes. We often show these beings as looking reptile like. We call them monsters, also demons, and while you can find monsters anywhere in the multiverse, those that live in the shallows are a special breed. They are adapted and, in a sense, defined by the chaos.

Now here is perhaps the most confusing thing, especially for humans. Not all of the natives of the shallows are actually the monsters we think they are. Some are, a good number are not. Why this matters is though they will all scare you, it is very likely they are scaring you for a healing reason. Shall I describe the presence of such a being?

Does it feel sort of like the events in your life are routed through an operator of sorts? Like placing a phone call, usually the life operator is pretty bland, neutral, just refers you exactly like you expect. Sometimes the life operator is friendly, even enthusiastically helpful, and though you aren’t really doing anything different, it seems like someone is trying to do you a favor?

And other times, you can do nothing right. Well, every once in a while, someone traces your phone call, has identified that you are sending messages that are of concern to the overall balance, and they start issuing warnings. Usually, they start politely. It seems subtle. People typically ignore it, but they ramp up. Eventually to the point it feels like someone is sabotaging you.

That’s a daemon, or one class of daemons. This sound like nonsense? Well, it’s a wide multiverse.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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