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Feel the Multiversal Flow in Cycles


In the multiversal terrain, you can feel whether you are swimming upstream, or downstream, whether you are in the shallows or out of control in the rapids.

Or a whirlpool. Yes. The sense just takes refining and conscious attention.

There is no such thing as fate, but there are also no accidents. Seem paradoxical? As you are making progress across the multiversal terrain, the event set changes for you, takes on different qualities, seems to get faster or slower, smoother or more chaotic and disruptive. You can even hit a metaphorical rock, an event that will happen and give every appearance of having stripped you of all choice. Anyone experience this? The rock is real, but it isn’t the whole river bed.

You can get blindsided and your life is never the same afterward. Exactly. You get washed up into a new reality set or universe, though likely not far from where you started. Like the Occupy movement, maybe.

I look at the news headlines with this in mind. I’m always looking for that event that may shift the cycle to a whole new course.

Well, you can swim the current (current = present). You have to feel the flow in the present. If the present moment feels like a whirlpool, then non action is the wise course, same as if you were swimming. If the flow feels too rapid to make sense of, you don’t stop moving in the direction you chose, but you do seek a side path, move into slightly calmer water. Your progress will actually be faster because you won’t wreck.

So in effect, we are choosing an energy path that is not the easiest, but is a choice to see an outcome other than disaster. Exactly. You don’t get to make the river run with kool aid or wine, but you can decide how you relate to the water.

I am in the position of being a healer at times and getting the Kool aid out is important. Yes. Sometimes it’s necessary to remove a pollutant from your personal energy, if you want to be able to swim the river of the multiverse.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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