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Foreign Sort of Reason in Fairy Tales

Fairy Tales

Shall we discuss fairy tales? First things first, they are not necessarily about fairies, though they can include them. They are about fates, and fairies are typically involved in many of the old tales.

What are your experiences of fairy tales?

They seem to be usually the voice of reason in the stories. They grant abilities and can take them away too. They represent a foreign sort of reason, often strange and frightening to the human view, but still coherent for what it is.

Childhood stories are often scary, and seem to be not politically correct today, unfortunately. Well, the old fairy tales have been made politically correct. We can thank Disney for making something that has primal meaning into light entertainment.

The old fairy tales, the really old ones, are not the same as human morality stories or fables. At one point in human history, the ways of the world were almost entirely inscrutable. Life was obviously rather chaotic, and people didn’t know how to make sense of all the weird things that could happen. But they did their best to relate things they saw, or thought they saw, and to warn people about involvement with things that were otherwise so strange as to virtually paralyze human reason.

What these strange events were covered a range. Though people are able to become accustomed to things quite easily, and were able even then, nature always seems to be able to throw people a curve ball, and well… All too often one or more people stood around like deer in the headlights do today. Fairy tales always in one way or another trace their influence to forces or presences outside of the human community, and the possible sources of what people thought they saw, well… Let’s say it’s very broad.

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