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This attempt to see mind from a biological point of view is weak at best.

Other Presences in Paranormal Places

Not every unseen presence is a ghost. There are plenty of other presences as our earths energy field is broad and complicated, many layers and many levels of being.

Is there a difference between a spirit and a ghost? There is, but first I will answer the difference between you and a ghost. The only difference between you and a ghost is not form, or focus, or memory, or power of intention. The difference is just energy state, phase of being. This is why it’s so easy for the dead to get confused and not understand that they are dead. There is actually very little difference.

It doesn’t feel different to be dead? Most animals scarcely notice they died. No big shiny gates and an angel at the desk? Yes, and really, it’s not super important to know that you are dead.

Many spirits exist on a level very close to that of the dead. But why I am calling them spirits and not ghosts is simple. They don’t have the imprint of having lived like we do. No memory of flesh, and what shapes them and gives them form doesn’t have material limitations like we understand them. Long story short, when we “see” a spirit they look weird to our normal thinking.

So a ghost would be more recognisable as being once a living human? Yes, exactly.

Ghosts travel about us in particular shapes, too. Experienced ghosts often shape shift. There are many stories of elder ghosts in Chinese record. Eventually, a ghost can choose to take on a more symbolic form, as it’s more about meaning than flesh at that point. It can become more convenient for them to adopt different or more complex forms.

Animals can have ghosts too? They can and do.

Spirit preceded my son’s departure in the form of the wind. After his departure, well, that changed. Yes. Even the elements have spirits. Spirits live in resonance with every state of being.

Spirit preceded my birth with lightning and storms and rainbow. Stars, rocks, wind and waves. They link up to whatever energy supports them best.

It seems we do have a choice about what we become next? We do have every choice, if we can find the presence of mind to make the choice. Thus the books of the dead that arose around the world.

Books of the dead are real? As real as human understanding has been able to make them. They are an effort at translating real experience.

Now moving beyond the dead and the neighbours. (I call the spirits that live with our dead the neighbours.) Beyond the neighbours, there are entities that have greater or lesser interest or concern with our general neighbourhood. They often perform functions that could be seen as tech support. Sort of like environmental engineers, and then there are some spirits that are just passers by, and will pay little or no attention to anything in our neighbourhood.

They are just on their way to elsewhere. Exactly.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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