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The act of speaking to spirits doesnt change the spirits. It changes you. Act as if you were they, and you will have their power.

Places Into The Unseen Realm in Paranormal Places

Now we get to actual places. This is the reason for the physics lesson earlier. I can’t actually draw you a map of all the places that have the right qualities to boost or shift your attention into the unseen realm. Not one that my time, resources or equipment can produce, unfortunately.

These places offer more than just a boost to your energy and awareness. They effect other beings as well. Ghosts and everything else.

But yes, the sea is a big one. It is a big pool of ionic energy. Voodoo places the entire spirit kingdom under the sea, or rather one of them. So any coast side location at the right time, or with you being in the right state, can do it.

This reminds me of an Inca graveyard in Peru. High elevation. It felt very charged. That’s another type of area. Any highly elevated site has a lot of the right forces and physical make up to do it, as well as being closer to the mid range of the earth’s electro-magnetic band gives you more exposure than the low lands. Another is desert locations, as they were regions of land formerly under seas and retain a lot of the mineral and energetic properties. Find a nice granite outcropping and the boost in natural rad level can help a lot. This is why people report so many contacts in ravines and gullies.

The Incas built tower structures. The guide said it was a place to crawl into to meditate. The energy felt strong. It was a completely enclosed tower. Yes. Stone can be worked in such a way as to provide a combination antenna and memory bank.

We are in constant conflict with astronomers taking up real estate on our mountain crests in Hawaii which have been observed for millennia as places of high spirit activity, resourses, etc. and therefore sacred. Some even sense disturbances to this by the observatories. And the retaliation from nature is going to grow more intense. Domestic animals often become attuned to the human gestalt.

In summary, friends, any place you go might be a paranormal place. You just have to be open and willing to move out of your comfort zone.

Like that movie theatre we were in recently, you said it was an interesting building. A nexus. Indeed. Even what geomancy calls a shar can serve as a paranormal place. It just isn’t in comfortable phase.

The sensation was like there was a large pit under the floor. Those pits can be felt in a lot of places. It will grow more common as humanity is causing a lot of psychic entropy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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