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To the degree that any way becomes an object, it ceases to have any truth. Because truth is life and life truth, and we live still in still moments.

Cooperative Creation in Paranormal Places

All energy differs from matter only by its state of being or phase. So though at times we may have experienced contact in what seems like an otherworldly and entirely psychological way, it doesn’t mean that the artefact in our consciousness doesn’t correspond to a very tangible and enduring reality.

Right now, we are observing patterns in what they call the “quantum” domain that endure and even replicate. But to ordinary consciousness, if you noticed them at all, they would just seem like a strange neurological noise. They call these forces strange attractors, because they pick up and pattern energy after their own structure. Kind of like we do in this world we consider material.

So in those places where a group of people observe alien or paranormal phenomenon of some kind, critics claim it’s some kind of delusion. But it is and it isn’t because that so called delusion is creating reality? Well, the delusion is translating reality. Our minds have to create a language/symbol based analogue of a reality that is actually there.

At least cooperative creation? Indeed. It is cooperative creation. This includes the otherworldly being as well. It is why the Mothman, when asked what he looked like, answered, “Depends on who’s looking.”

That’s why it’s kind of a waste of time to argue with those critics. Because while they’re not literally wrong, they’re also not right. It requires a whole different frame of reference. I find Bohms model of structure perhaps most helpful. He spoke of an explicate reality that our senses interacted with, and an implicate reality that was the actually ground for everything regardless of our senses.

While few people can make a conscious and voluntary shift, people do shift to the broader range where these things are picked up. In the case of the Native Hawaiian, their heritage and chants join their intention to their inherited experience, and they become receptive to the supposedly hidden world. Then they can make observations peacefully and make decisions that can iron trouble out. It is very helpful.

For westerners, it’s generally not that easy and their common reaction is not that useful. When the average westerner has their system flooded with unseen energies, they generally have a panic response which decentralizes their attention and opens their brain to more input from the presence. So when the average ghost hunter has the “omg! Scary ghost!” or “omg! A demon tried to get me!”, it’s a distortion of an actual contact.

The mind playing tricks? Actually, no. Not mind, habit. Belief playing tricks. The mind is just showing you what it sees.

You expect the ghost to get you so it will? You expect it to, so it will seem to try.

The Hindu Gods are also the Hindu Bloodrinking Demons, depending on your view. Indeed. They are the same entities. As many spiritual presences actually exhibit a strange split in their natures, this is not reflective of their natures. It’s reflective of our thinking.

So, in the case of the ghost, you have the expectation to see some scary dead person, which makes you emit a psychic scream flooded with your idea of what a dead person would look like. The ghost itself experiences this (because we all are linked on the psychic level), and has its own “omg!” moment and runs. It even can wind up trashing things in panic as it tries to get away from the scary thing.

So we are scaring them too? They consider us scary.

This is why alien encounter stories have similar appearances? Indeed, it is. All aliens look like humans in a costume. Maybe because we can’t imagine another shape. The brain tries to make humans out of everything. That is exactly why.

Or an owl that was in Alaska. It fit the locale. Also true. If it can’t make sense of it as a human, it will make it into an animal.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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