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You can’t convince yourself your dreams are meaningless and have meaning in your waking experience.

Unseen Territory in Cycles


The sweet smell of a decaying corpse is typically considered repulsive, as is the sweet smell of afterbirth, and yet these qualities can reveal to us a vital part of the invisible geography of our reality. Buddhist death rites are not about something as crass as simple morbidity. They are a very deep form of inquiry, as is the sky burial ceremony, things like that. But how do we view these things today?

What are they inquiring about? They seek to understand what lies beyond the senses, the unseen territory that is still very real, and the actual territory in which the dharma wheel spins.

It’s typically considered an amazing thing when someone can seem to see cause before it manifests as an effect. It’s usually seen as some form of prophecy or precognition, and well, though that’s not completely untrue, the ideas we coat those words in tend to confuse more than help.

There is no fate. No one is condemned to any particular outcome in their life. But like, say, a mole rat or a shrew, they tend to prefer the low ground, and without some sort of crisis, they stay in those holes.

Their energy can just be in a really well-worn rut. It’s all that process is. The unseen territory is much like the earth beneath our feet, and although it doesn’t change quickly, it can be changed, and it can be changed in such a way that it limits our further options, or rather seems to.

If a psychic tells me I’m going to be sick, that means my energy was in that path, but it wasn’t laid out yet? Exactly. It doesn’t exist as cycles. Cycles exist in it, shaped by the unseen nature or character that lets all events happen, nature, reality, the universe, call it what you will.

You’ve said before that things take on a ‘weight’ to them the more the cards are stacked in their favour to happen. Yes, like any increase in water pressure, more energy confined to a specific location means more likelihood of an event, a manifestation in matter.

I’m not big on the concept of predestination. I do believe that everything moves in cycles, however. I don’t support the idea of predestination either, but have spoken on why it can appear to be the truth.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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