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Take a Walk in Cycles


Energy is a cycle, and all cycles respond to positive and negative re-enforcement. I agree. Of course, there is the matter of scale. Large scale things tend to be little affected by small scale activity.

Can we change the energy in certain rooms in our house? You can change the energy at will, but it will still take a shape affected by that location. The energy there can be like pure water, or like sewage, and the quality of the energy does matter. But sewage in a round hole still has something in common with pure water in a round hole. A sipapu, or kiva, or more simply stated, a power spot. Other places are drainage locations. I am not stating that one is superior to the other. I am saying the esoteric or essential nature of their domains affect how energy can behave there.

There is the matter of tuning the cycles to produce good energy. That is hard work. Oh, it can be very hard work. This is perhaps why beavers seem preoccupied with their dam building. For them, that is the core of their world, but birds make no effort to dam the wind.

Instincts must be made part of the structure of a new frame of energy, and then a single thought can change simple things, like moods. Well, human beings have developed really strange ideas of what is sacred and what is profane. If life is sacred, then the things that are vital to the continuation of life are scared are they not? We just find some of those things unpleasant, painful and disgusting. We have a lot of judgements regarding things that really need to be as they are.

I find virtual world Second Life sets are made to affect energy, and mood, and thought. This leads to ruin, sometimes, or insight. Indeed, even virtual environments take on a morphology which shapes a cycle of events, which is just a flow of energy that will then persist there, potentially indefinitely.

I think this is why New Year’s resolutions came about to mindfully make a change to direct the energy in a different cycle? If done right, of course, and not forgot in a week? If all goes well, yes. But more often than not it doesn’t work out. Simple reason, people forget that they can “take a walk”. That not only can they change the place they are or where they go to, but they can change how they move through any place at all.

It’s easy, I guess, to fall into the notion that you actually know where you are, that you really and deeply know your home, or your place of work, or your church or other sacred space. But can you move the furniture if you don’t know where it is?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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