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There is a mechanism behind sex. A way and process. A purpose. The taboo notion arises from the limited shallow view of it.

Energy Blocks in Light Practice

Light Practice

As a child, my mother thought it was amazing that I had such a good sense of direction. I could feel where North was. At some point in my childhood, I recall my uncanny ability being discussed and it being called unwholesome. They call any awareness beyond there’s unwholesome. It is a xenophobic reaction, and “unwholesome” is polite speech which can sometimes be more hurtful rather than less.

Then something happened. A woman I’d never met before came and took my hands and closed her eyes. After that I couldn’t feel North anymore. My mother had brought her. Hmm, a psychic. Likely a psionic manipulation. It usually takes that to alter another’s energy field with that degree of skill.

I was born into a family of fundamentalist Christians. And many psychics are rabidly Christian. They thought my sense of direction was evil, I would guess. Even labelling a trait as “evil” in another can lead us into error. Indeed, it can.

It was an odd discussion. That they had to go to someone “like that” to fix “this thing.” Can you recall what it was like to feel the northern pull? You can undo the block. Was it linked to any of your childhood focuses?

The landscape, but I could feel it even when I couldn’t see the mountain. Recall how you thought of the landscape? What you imagined about it?

There wasn’t anything fantastical. Yes. Children have good instincts. It isn’t all fantasy. As you recall that state of mind do you feel a dulling of your awareness? You likely feel a numbness? Psychological stress can create a block or an amplification. Do you feel it as you used to sense north?

Like a part of me went to sleep. Ok, now focus on that asleep feeling. Tell me if it gets stronger.

A nap sounds good. This is a normal reaction, but you are going to blow it up, charge it, give the inner sleep more energy. It won’t feel good, but the release will.

Is that why I wanted to sleep all the time? Possibly psychic hibernation, trauma really and not natural. We go into hibernation when we are seriously physically injured, but parts of our mind can also when they are psychically injured. They can be stimulated back out of it. This is why they give adrenaline to a comatose patient.

It’s like needing more sleep when your body is fighting off an illness? Yes, but if left in hibernation it will atrophy and bleed off your other energies.

I am angry. This could be why I am ill. Direct that anger energy into the inner sleep. It will hurt yes, but then you will feel very much better. You must first rage before rage can subside. You can rage and not lay a hand on anyone. It’s just the willingness to enter that state that matters, and yes, it’s quite possible to get into very injurious psychic fights.

How do people get the impression they have the right? Delusion, not impression. The two are mutually exclusive.

Because their version of God is a bully. Their God is the Devil, literally. They even defy their own doctrine and in their services they speak more of the Devil and his doings. Devil this and Devil that. Their own Bible says “Whatever be of good report, think only on these things.” They spit in Gods face. Jews will not speak of any supposed evil deity. They get angry when Christians want to talk to them about it.

There is another passage in the Bible about not opposing evil. Not opposing is not the same as endorsing. Evil is characterized by opposition, so opposition breeds more of itself. Even Jesus said “If a man strikes you, turn the other cheek.” I paraphrased of course.

I will turn the other cheek to better align my spin kick. I agree. Even my own spirituality says that. But still, the selective engagement of opposition is a wise bit of advice. Fight everything and you will lose. Everything is bigger than you. You have to stand on the side of something. Something more than yourself.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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