The way of thought is the way of definition. A focusing of the minds eye to see details better. People mistake control for artifice, though artifice inevitably fails.

Psychic Doing: Feeling in Light Practice

Light Practice

Ok, so far other posts in this series on Light Metaphysical Practice have only discussed the principles of how psychic function is possible. We haven’t gone into the actual doing yet, and it is potentially helpful to figure out the actual doing of it.

Space and time do not exist, thus you remember a contact even when you are not experiencing the stimulus that initially created it. All that you have ever experienced directly or indirectly you are still in contact with. Past and future. Time does not exist because in fact it’s a tapestry of probability. We exist along all lines of probability.

So when you sense the future, you actually sense something that can happen now and in fact everything can happen now. But some things have more energy than others thus they seem more brightly lit and are easier to see. They are more likely to happen. More probability of happening = more energy and “where we are” is the most energetic. When you manifest an event you just load an outcome with energy until it materializes.

In fact, “now” is formed of the energies of the past. Our memories. And we create a “future” more by a process of growth or transformation than construction. Many people think manifestation is building something in your head. This is mistaken. It’s working with and reworking energies that already are.

It is not disconnected things coming together to make a thing. This doesn’t happen. Even in material building the objects weren’t really disconnected. This is why architecture is possible. The things have some form of association and they already do, you can’t create the association.

  1. Now, let’s focus on our feeling. Recall a place or person you would seek to know more about, or a situation. An object of attention, person, place or thing. Your choice. If you can, anchor that clearly in your mind.
  2. When you have the object of your attention let your awareness shift to your feelings. Don’t strain. Just go from recall of the subject to feelings of the subject. Note whether what you feel is memory, or is it something more? Does it differ in any way? Release any effort to analyze and just observe.

Perhaps your stomach is hurting. The stomach is the set of chakras that sense feeling. Relax and let yourself feel it as you recall the chosen thing. Do you just feel it again? Or does the feeling seem different somehow? When we think of our feeling, our attention tends to descend to a place in the torso. Let the feeling present itself to you as you recall the subject of attention.

Your memory of the subject is an energetic connection to the subject. If you recall the memory, you can focus on the connection and permit it to present more energy for your observation.

Here is an exercise to help see the difference in feeling between memory and something else.

  1. Be aware of your ability to feel, with no object. Just your ability to feel. Simply focus inward on sensations.
  2. When you feel in touch with that…when it comes clearly to you, return your attention to the memory. See how your awareness changes.

The shift is due to how you relate to memory. The mind closes. They call it focus but it blocks perception. At least for most people.

The key is to stay in the open state when shifting to the memory. Not to allow the mind to close. The memory is just for targeting. Like the bulls eye in the center of an archery target. So, go to the memory and then open up to the present sensation. You should be able to learn those three unique states, just feeling, memory and the open “psychic” sensation.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Jerry Gnoza

    This is the best description of such a very subtle shift in attention and awareness. I can’t even begin to describe it in such wonderful explicit detail as you have done here, and didn’t even realize I could do this. I shall bookmark this page and practice this extremely helpful exercise in aligning energy and staying open. Thank you thank you!

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