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A weight can be a lightening of existence. Chains can be freedom. The prisoner knows what freedom is clearly.

Psychic Paths: Part 2 in Dark Practice

Dark Practice

There is a force in the world that makes the frogs stay in their ponds and guides the birds in their flights. Makes all things seek their place. It is not outside of you, but has a connection to things outside. In magick, it’s the law of affinity. The animals themselves need not normally seek it. They don’t resist their instincts so they are rarely out of touch with it. Though we humans often change that for them and thus they become distressed until they adapt or they die.

Humans are the seeking ones. Either seeking with spiritual guidance or base ego, but we seek. In the seeking they can mess it up for others, unless they choose to see the world as more than a bunch of resources. It is a cold way to see the world and most people do, and most people are at least a bit unstable, if not truly mentally ill.

Well, eventually I found my place. I had nightmares about it as a child and my teachings had made it an object of fear. I found in the barren places what I could not find in the “lush”. I found in the desert what I could not find in the woods. In the swamps what I could not find in cities. These are thought to be “dark” places and I know why. But there, with what dwelled there in spirit, and to a degree in flesh, I found kinship. I reviled my own kind as monsters, because everyone believed them to be monsters just because they don’t shepherd humanity.

I can identify with the “villain” in Clive Barkers movie “The Lord of Illusion” when he said you are all sheep (meaning his former cultists) and I am not your shepherd. I am no ones shepherd. I share because a time is coming and myself and my kind are capable of caring. I care for you and would see understanding arise rather than the consequences. The earth mother grows weary and she is not without power. Humans mistook tolerance for weakness. Treated the life of this world and the world itself as an object. Rage is building. What will humanity do?

The way of genocide is a human behaviour, but as we do with our own children when they fail to respect what they must, we make them. The Native American shamans used to serve as diplomats of a sort. As did the wizards. Solomon himself made peace with the “daemons”, the independent spirits. That peace has been broken. Humans think that because the daemons honour balance that “God” makes them. The actual demons are humanity, even the departed ones.

Our group in Second Life is called ‘One World, Many Paths’. I respect other backgrounds and can recognize that for some a traditional path fits. Their spirit fits that path. The distinction I make is the paths that are alive and allow growth in the individual. That they can step out of briefly and by doing so be enriched when they return to it. And those that are dead and by that I mean stagnant. They are more about obedience than life, control than growth. This influence is visible in the world is it not?

I mean no controversy. I feel that my best service to the other paths is to create those openings. For those that are growth oriented my breaks are no threat to their path. For those who aren’t, well the break in the wall is needed anyway. There is only one truth but many interpretations. By opening the topic to more “generic” discussion perhaps the real substance of those truths can be seen clearly.

My own background is rather broad. What started me seeking was a simple desire to understand my own experiences. So I looked through history and world cultures, east and west, and did discover there was a common ground to these traditions. These efforts are to understand self and reflexively the world. I expand on that in my studies daily, and live the life that I was originally discouraged from.

I feel more whole there by and although there were hardships, ultimately not being myself would be worse than any of that. The tension of conformity is way too much. If you find your experiences frightening consider that it’s really the consensus world. The one that everyone claims to understand that is frightening, and perhaps there is peace in accepting your own experience. I would desire that for you my friends.

I will be continuing this ‘psychic’ series of posts and I will talk more on the paranormal in general.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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