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In every practice you find a shadow. But purity is not reviling any part of life.

Power of Ability in Doubt


Ego thinks ‘I do’ and that by virtue of ‘myself‘ I must do everything. Thought is not self. Thought is process and we are “created in gods image”. All powerful. Which means we have the power of ability to do all things. Good or bad.

We get caught up in the same thing. Ego is doing the same thing we have always done. Do the same thing you always do and you will get the same thing you always got. The ego can only exist in repetition. In the supposition that something is self, and the supposition on our part that thing is what the self is. It has only very limited use and is crippling to get locked into it. If you ask me to tell you about myself, I will answer you honestly. In that I will not fabricate anything. But it forces me to look for data that is a part of the consensus, the social reality. So I can send a social message, but I’m not really telling you about my ‘self‘. Which wouldn’t really be possible. I can state that I am, but the senses do that for me so don’t even have to do that. I am that I am. All paths lead to the all encompassing.

I wonder at the notion of finding god. God isn’t hiding. God is everywhere. So what is this finding? Children know this already. They just don’t have the words for it. So unless a child is steered away early, that child-like joy, that imagination, exists for a reason. We were never meant to ‘grow up’ from that.

Creativity to an extent is “god”. If you embrace the concept of god as creator, then all creativity and creation are god. We can reflect god poorly if we adopt a hostile stance toward creation, and we can distort the process of creation as it flows through us and thus create the ‘evil’ world/god. Regrettably some shade of distortion seems to be dominant in life as we know it now. Maybe it is the aftermath of the world view that the world is a machine and we can make it better. Make it please us. It doesn’t exist for that reason and our efforts have done much to hurt the supports we had. Yes, they have changed our relationship to the world for the better some. I do not endorse the notion that science and technology are bad, but much of it was rooted in a drive to “tame” the world. Which isn’t possible. In part because it isn’t wild. The balance that existed, existed for a reason. Some of it is just man’s laziness. Myself I don’t like to drive anywhere I can walk to. I don’t like cars much, the electrical feel and the chemical smell.

So yes, we do not doubt our senses. Is why we say seeing is believing, but doubt blocks deeper sensing. Which is necessary for us to see and create on a deeper level. So to reference Star Wars again, they say “trust your feelings”. What are feelings but a sense? Why supposedly are they only about us? Our feelings are our subconscious trying to tell us things and our subconscious notices much. Plenty of which transcends even the five sensory inputs. So why do we ignore it? Trusting your gut feeling is a good place to start. The more you allow yourself to experience that the deeper it gets. You don’t have to wait for a moment that it arises in.

Is it sometimes difficult to distinguish between a gut feeling and paranoia? Actually, it is simple to distinguish. In the case of paranoia the mind races, your thinking spirals out of control. Paranoids tend to generalize. In the case of a gut feeling you may not be thinking at all. Or are, but not in any way related to the feeling. The gut feeling registers to you in a concrete matter. Impacts your body as much as sight or touch do. The bodies wisdom is overlooked. People think of “paranormal” sensing as not of the body. It’s a mistaken notion.

Some tend to feel as if everything was applying to them and meant for them. Here is an interesting point. It does. But don’t take that “seriously”. Everything applies to you and is meant for you because you are seeing it in your reality. The waking dream. But like a dream not everything is immediate. It isn’t that we live in illusion that is the problem. Maya isn’t a malicious goddess. It is that we mistake the nature of it.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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