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Where’s the fire? Deep inside, as is the way of the dragon.

Why Not? in Doubt


Science has now proved it to be a fact that distance doesn’t seem to matter for “like affects like.” Yet some people hesitate to link quantum mechanics and quantum entanglement with spirituality. They are both difficult subjects.

All science was at one time linked with spirituality. The idea that we could look at the world as a machine served a purpose. The purpose was very narrow and it is time for us to drop it. We took it as far as it could go quite a while ago.

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What is spirituality but an understanding of ourselves and what moves us? Which includes an understanding of others and what moves them and of what moves the world itself. So essentially, the doubt blocks us from movement. Under control, doubt is a useful set of brakes. But taken to extreme, as we mostly do, it’s a straight jacket and we cut off our own support system.

Why? Hmm. Actually, that question may very well be its own answer. We look at our current state, our own situation and when we think about what we create we ask ourselves, “Why?” Why would what I want to happen, happen? And of course since it hasn’t, we conclude it can’t and thus the act of creation fizzles right there.

When we ask ourselves, “Why?”, we forget the question, “Why not?” If we think we can’t accomplish something, then we don’t try. Not only do we not try, but we don’t even think it out fully. Do outside influences count for something? Yes and no. We create constantly and mostly we create what we are told we can create. Everyone creates, so no one creates in a void. Therefore you can’t easily create with no regard to the world or the other people in it. It’s about consciousness and thoughts.

It’s not so easy to go against the flow. In Taoism they say that which is against the Tao cannot stand. Doesn’t mean it can’t be started or exist for a while. But if by some act of wilfulness you create something against the bigger life, you will receive stress. Perhaps that is what karma is and you will discover this creation to not truly be in your best interest.

How can people create thoughtfully? There is a missing part in most peoples thinking. It isn’t just about thought. When you think on something a feeling arises, and if the thought is central to your life, it creates a movement inside you. It’s like you think about this thing even when you aren’t thinking about it. Like the idea of love. When a thought moves us inside and isn’t just an abstract, it doesn’t just move us in that thought. It touches on other parts of our thinking, our mind, perhaps even our soul. So part of manifestation is wu-wei, a non doing. Manifestation can’t be accomplished by doing. The idea of doing scatters it. We do a lot of things. Mostly what we are conditioned to by our habits. And it is natural that doing doesn’t actually create. When you see someone appear to create by doing, they have already created in their being first. The doing is just an outgrowth of that. A technicality really.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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