'Manifestation' Chapter


Manifestation is talked about often but is often confusing. People rationalize it, but fail to see the process behind it and then wonder why it isn‘t working. Here are some examples of manifestation and a look at how you may manifest in your life. You behave based on what you have decided is true, and you attract what you are. Look deeply and see yourself and you will become it.

A famous sculptor once explained. That the way he found his work was not in seeing the stone, but in seeing the image inside. Yes, it may be seeing the world through goggles, but then you act and you create. Is that less real?

Agency predates and shapes its own agents. What is agency? Agency is the implicate order that is forever manifesting in all explicate phenomenon. Order. Does creation come before potential? Even science states potential energy comes first and manifest energy returns to potential.

“But the manifestation of the Spirit is given to every man to profit withal.” Bible

What is Manifestation?

People get lost or confused in trying to tackle the topic of manifestation, because it’s chock full of a lot of buzzwords and pop psychology, rationalization and no real look at the process. Is this your experience of manifesting? Things… Seek More

The Manifest Life

Shall we discuss the manifest life? There has been a lot of popular material around manifestation, and it isn’t bad, but it was cotton candy. Sort of shallow, and probably frustrated a lot more people than it helped. This is… Seek More

The Grand Pattern

Often people get stuck on the static. Our society, on the other hand, is stuck on the notion of ongoing growth and it’s damaging. The whole economy is addicted to growth. They don’t know growth. They call progressive fossilization growth.… Seek More

Take A Breath

Humans have an insanely feral capacity for obsession, but they haven’t always been completely without sense. There were some basic facts and observations that started all of this current religious mess, and all that energy could have done a great… Seek More

Focus Now

How do we manifest the thing we want? What you have to do is focus now. The events, that come about that we call “manifestation”, are not the event that is manifestation. They are an echo, a side effect. The… Seek More

You Are It

Today we are talking about the manifest life. Not about the practice of manifestation, because that’s not really limited to any one practice. The power of prayer is as valid as anything else for the purpose of manifestation. In fact,… Seek More

You Did It

All energy is borrowed as is all initiative. You may say “I acted of my own initiative”, but in fact, you responded to an event which held energies that did not have their origin with you directly. The ideas you… Seek More

Path Of Manifestation

If there are an infinite number of paths and every path is viable, how does one choose which path to follow? Which process to MOST EASILY manifest their will? The path of least resistance? No. The path is not present… Seek More