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Life is first the step you take, and then the ground you tread upon.

The Manifest Life in Manifestation


Shall we discuss the manifest life? There has been a lot of popular material around manifestation, and it isn’t bad, but it was cotton candy. Sort of shallow, and probably frustrated a lot more people than it helped. This is just my opinion, though.

I have heard people express the notion that maybe they could not manifest, or they were not good at it. This is like saying, “I don’t know if I can exist.” Like saying they don’t know if they have what it takes to be a real person.

You exist. This is neither a skill nor a choice. Even if you do the worst thing possible and end your flesh and blood existence early, you will still exist just in a different form, and well… Real is a useless idea. We are in fact all “made up” persons just like our Second Life avatars. It’s more useful to ask “What is useful?” than “What is real?” What is centered? What is whole? These have substance to them, not the question, “What is real?”

The manifest life. It’s simple. It’s your life, just as you experience it right now. What I mean by the manifest life is just incorporating the dynamic of manifestation into your daily awareness, because manifestation is not static. It’s dynamic.

It’s said that things have to change even to stay the same. This is a deep truth that most people don’t really reflect on. If your day today seems to have a lot in common with what your day was like yesterday, it’s not because anything in your life is static. Nothing is “stable”. Stability is an illusion.

That’s why some people who “have it all” lose it and then wonder what happened? They forgot the dynamic? Exactly.

What allows for your day to seem like yesterday is that every day you maintain certain focuses, certain patterns of thinking. I am not judging the value of these patterns. Some might, in fact, be very useful, but people generalize this pattern making behaviour and panic when anything seems to slip from the stable.

Example. Let’s look at something that fails so much these days that it’s become cliché, relationships, marriage. People for a time adopt patterns of relating to their significant other, infatuation, adoration, devotion. We give this a lot of names, some prettier than others, but they don’t seem to last. People blame this on human nature. This is BS. I despise a lot of the attitudes people describe as “self knowledge” these days. Why they fail is that the persons involved have a very shallow grasp on their own “life”. Life as a force, as a dynamic. They set up a foolish pattern of behaviour that totally ignores the realities of the heart and spirit, let alone the mind, and then blame it on some supposed impersonal circumstance when this fails. Humanity has been manifesting a toxic waste dump for centuries and the stink now reaches the heavens and permeates the earth.

It’s a sad state. It’s not necessary. It’s pointless, mindless, foolishness. Manifestation is right under your nose. It doesn’t need your active hand, but if you choose to do your part you can have a chance to like the outcomes more. Get your vote, so to speak.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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