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The body has the way. The mind loses the way.

The Human Pattern in Light Practice

Light Practice

My own recollection sets up a “field” dimension that seems to underlie “real” space. My “human” equipment is not in good shape either. It is a really limited medium. Morphogenetic field resonance stretched too far just collapses.

The pattern for “human” is encoded on matter, in this area, on an atomic level. The local materials have the human pattern enfolded in their very structure, as well as many others. When a mind, not naturally limited to those machines that the human genome forms, tries to adopt the human matter to fit its own purposes, well… It’s like jail breaking an IPod. (A slang term meaning hacking it so it can play unprotected music.) Only marginally useful. Mind has to mesh with biology.

Interphasic restructuring is not really as simple as it might seem, but not for organic reasons. Without the psychological infrastructure, a radical reconstruction just results in a huge syntax error. This is part of my problem. The material reality makes partial sense to me, but my more “natural” orientation clashes with it really badly.

The trials of human experience are necessary to make a lasting positive change no matter what your hardware is. We have lessons to learn. Yes. No harm in it.

Resonance augmentation often happens spontaneously as one person who is channelling a lot of psychic force affects the brain of someone else they are in regular contact with. This starts as a headache, but then the person becomes accustomed and not only do they handle the energy better, but their own native functions are enhanced rather than deranged. Prolonged telepathic linkage tends to “upgrade” a slower modem/brain. My wife’s intrapersonal awareness has been expanded.

How often do you expand her mind? I have slowed down. In part because there are bench marks. The plateaus are not infinite, limited by organic factors if nothing else.

Given time, epigenetic influences re-write those. Human genetics are not as stable as they think they are. Yes. “Foreign” things can bond with your DNA, as well as subdued viral strains. They eventually denature and are assimilated. It’s a radical range there. The atomic half life of human material is 1,500 years, but it keeping the human form ceases to be possible much earlier.

The emotional body is a “crystallized” energy that serves as a memory vector for important connective “addresses” or affinities that do link to your purpose. It’s fluid, but sharply attenuated. This is why you have the capacity to be localized at all actually. You incarnate for the purpose of using and refining the “emotional” body.

The links of affinity, empathy, whatever you want to call it, serve the purpose of organizing energy exchanges here. The emotional body is your experiential infrastructure. It is part of the collective unconscious. The “trans-human”. If it were actually healthy, it would allow interspecies empathy. It would foster general eco-system health.

Brain can’t know brain, but mind can know brain. The field of consciousness can access all information about the brain organ, and is not confined spatially or temporally to the locus of the biology. The brain is very responsive to the mind, but it is not the same as the mind, echoes, and is often very slow, thus precognition.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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