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Truth is divinity.

Chaos Mage in Chaos


Now the actual application of chaos, instead of theory. I will paint a big picture. It’s just an allegory, so don’t take it literally. But it will explain what I mean to explain.

Every being in the universe is standing in a huge hall of mirrors. Each looking at various mirrors in turn, and all of them subtly “imperfect”, but they actually are perfect. It’s meant to be this way. They are fun house mirrors, and everyone has a chance to get it. “Get the joke.”

Standing behind us all is a clown. From time to time he stands behind us and looks in one of the mirrors with us, and in this way we see that the mirror has a purpose other than just showing us our reflection. But some get scared and ignore the clown. Insist that there is only the mirror, and that “I really am fat.”

I chose to ignore IT. This is fine, but we each can see everything there is to see in our own mirror. We can all see that clown, or anything else. To use a psychic, it’s accepted that psychics see things, yes? They just get thinky / meditative and by a process of their awareness arrive at what people declare to be “psychic” insights. It is funny how easily people accept information if it seems to have the stamp of the mind on it, is this not so?

We like our mind idea. Yes, but we don’t all get such a clear and “natural” picture. But we all can see the exact same things. We all can “see” anything, but we will see it in the energies linked to us. So, to use a Natural Mage, they are naturally drawn to communing with animals and weather, the cycles of the seasons, and the harmony of the natural world. They have but to look and the “little bird” can tell them things that no one would think an animal can tell you. Like about someone’s intention, or about how work or trade will go for you, because the energy of these events manifests in nature also.

Is it the chaos energies manifesting along with all other energy, or just the chaos? All energies merge together with each other. They differentiate from chaos.

Anyone ever have a friendly animal, like a pet, “tell” you that a friend or family member was angry at you?

I’m not sure it’s happened to me. I would imagine the animal may be upset with me. It would seem to be, but it’s behaviour would be weird in that it would not take aggressive action directly on you. It would be aggressive around you, but not at you.

What would the Chaos Mage see? Good question. For a Chaos Mage, they see that all this “instability” has patterns, flows, and they differ from each other. Like how the water swirls down the tub a different way sometimes, and in different places.

A feel for it? They get a feel for it. They see the next thing coming, because they feel how the current thing is falling apart.

And see how things are just not quite right? That thing people can’t put their finger on? For a Chaos Mage nothing is “quite right”. They developed a “taste” for the flavours of wrong.

Chaos makes me smile. Yes. They can even come to enjoy it.

And they become the Chefs of Wrong. Exactly, and they are good to get help from when things seem to be going wrong for you. They can’t tell you what’s right for you, but they can help you pick a “better” wrong.

I have a favourite saying. My parents taught me what not to do, by example. For some of us, seeing what not to do is our natural way, and seeing what has to end is our creativity. We can’t tell you what a good idea is, but can help you let go of a bad one. And yes, a Chaos Mage is aware of the orderly systems. They even might want to help these normal things exist. What makes their view seem weird is they see it like a photo-negative, or like an image in black light. They still have to use the black light to see things even if it seems weird to other people, but even if you aren’t a Chaos Mage you can fake it. You just use what energies you are linked to, and recognize that they are just one part of it.

You don’t have to tell anyone what you are using. A Nature Mage can just go for a walk in the park. If you know how to dialogue with the energy that marks you, then you will be able to ask and get the same answers. Just your way will be different. You know your own style. Just realize that there are parts of reality it will show you less quickly, or less clearly, because they aren’t as directly connected to your style.

We all have a polarity. Some people are marked by the death aspect of reality. They aren’t evil, and they don’t want to cause death or anything, but they will see “death” both literal and metaphorical.

A phrase for a Chaos Mage he will understand. Application = selective entropy.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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