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There is much truth behind jokes. The joke of the divine trickster is that he’s serious.

Belief Anchored in Experiences in Chaos

Chaos Magick

I need to start believing I’m a playboy millionaire with fancy gadgets. You can’t just spontaneously believe whatever you might arbitrarily choose. Belief has to be anchored in experience. Otherwise, you are just making noise in your head. This is why positive thinking so commonly fails to work, and why books like The Secret are now seen as a spiritual laughing stock. What actually holds your attention right now, and my class probably does so only partially, if that?

Tell me what gets and holds your attention, and I will tell you what you are.

Finances. If finances get and hold your attention, then you are an agent of the financial system. You will think and behave in ways that serve that system. Your expectations will conform to those of the economic system which has proven to be highly irrational, let’s be honest, crazy, and either takes actions or fails to take action for entirely arbitrary reasons; market demand. Fad, faddish thinking is what gives rise to the next fad which breeds more faddish thinking.

Stories hold my attention. TV right now. If stories get and hold your attention, then you are an agent of social direction. Your thinking and behaviour will conform to social intuition. You will believe and fear what everyone around you secretly believes and fears. Your life will be defined by conflicts, internal and external, that define story structure. No conflict, no story. So in your case, no conflict no you. Do you feel very comfortable with your life as it stands right now?

And it’s nice when the conflict is known right away so I don’t have to guess. I’m not comfortable all the time. What if you could drop conflict all together? Connect to a new centre?

Sounds boring. Conflict driven experience limits creativity. Dualism denies pluralism and restricts your range of abstract reasoning.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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