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Conflict Is Perception in Conflict


Most people see conflict as drama and feel it there moral duty to avoid it, but you can’t avoid conflict. You are very likely involved in more conflicts than you currently perceive. It’s only your perceptions that bother you.

I’ve often had people comment on an interaction after the fact that they saw as a conflict, and I just saw it as an exchange. That is a perception that can be changed.

The drama is in our own thinking that some things are more important than what you are doing right now? Yes, that would be the drama.

To say a rather rude statement… stuff happens. It does, and it’s actually good it does. You see all creative activity has its opposite, but its opposite isn’t destructive behaviour. It’s counter creative behaviour. A creative act that runs counter to yours or at least seems to. Each person, and even every living thing, is a nexus of creative energy. In fact, nothing actually seeks to destroy anything. Actual destruction isn’t possible.

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We generate or call it conflict because we perceive it as destruction? Yes. We villainize another force for running counter to our perceptions, but it’s actually good they do. There is an old Sufi curse; May your every wish be immediately fulfilled. We exist as individuals in tension with other individuals. It has been shown on many fronts that if we lack this tension or perceive a lack of tension, it’s actually toxic to the human mind.

Demotivating? Well, and unstimulating. It‘s like living in a cage you can’t win free of.

Can you explain what is meant by lack of tension? If you get everything you want you mean? Like being spoiled rotten? Yes, that’s part of it, but also if you perceive that you can have no problems. Long story short, it has been proven that living things need something to do.

The rich or famous with “yes men” around seem to get pretty warped. They do. This is why they start seeking gurus. People to ground them to some body of belief that is not dictated by them. Ultimately you don’t want total freedom, literally no one does.

Everyone needs someone to tell them something. If everything you think or say is given back to you as correct, you get…nihilistic perhaps? Indeed you do. Same as if nothing you think or say is seen as correct. Two sides of the exact same coin. So this would seem like we live in a weird, nebulous field of conflict, and call it the world, yes?

Well, the world has in it what we judge to be conflict, yes, but calling it conflict is our perception. In fact, all conflict is only the interplay of energies, and can be used in much the same way as the dynamic interplay of light and sound to create a work greater than the intentions of the individuals who seem to be in conflict.

Hence the idea of “creative conflict.” Artists feel that. To paint a picture we need different colors? To conduct music we need different tones. To create reality we need different essences/energies/spirits.

The great musicians last because they recognize that dynamic. Mick Jagger and Keith Richard fight but create well together and have maintained a balance. Others destruct in that creative conflict, lack of recognition I expect. And they destruct because they misidentify the issue. They read it as a “threat to self.” Honestly, how many of us have actually been intentionally threatened by someone’s difference of opinion with us?

The members of the Beatles appeared to get lost in all their self images, hence threat and collapse. Exactly, flight from the situation or dissonance. Same result either way.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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