'Conflict' Chapter


All creative activity has its opposite, but its opposite isn’t destructive behaviour. It’s counter creative behaviour. At the end of your time what will it matter that you were ever opposed if you fully expressed everything that was yours to express? It will matter of course, but not in a “visible” way. When your spirit jumps up against another’s like that, there is an opportunity for a cross pollination of energies. If someone destroys something you value, you can see what their spirit is trying to say in the aftermath when the dust settles. Because if you aren’t still fighting them, they will create the circumstance they were seeking. You might even discover you like what they created, and just needed to sidestep the bull.

When you are acting from the third point of consciousness, the nature of your behaviour will be such that even if other people don’t consciously understand it, it will impress them instinctively as honest and innocent. For a little while, they feel just a bit more whole and aware.

“Whenever you’re in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. That factor is attitude.” William James (American Philosopher and Psychologist, leader of the philosophical movement of Pragmatism, 1842-1910)

“Conflict is the beginning of consciousness.” M. Esther Harding

Conflict Is Perception

Most people see conflict as drama and feel it there moral duty to avoid it, but you can’t avoid conflict. You are very likely involved in more conflicts than you currently perceive. It’s only your perceptions that bother you. I’ve… Seek More

Understanding Conflict

Conflict is not an easy thing to understand. If one can recognize that it is a matter of opinion, and that it isn’t necessary to agree. Most of the ways you get “wronged” are in fact not about you or your… Seek More

Choice In Conflict

Let’s get a bit wild. Let’s say you have a haunting. How many of you follow this research? Ghost hunters anybody? I’m not a hunter, but I believe in them and I like shows about haunting though I sometimes question… Seek More

Third Option

Perhaps more explanation of the third “win-win” option? That I can do. You have your ego, and your publicly perceived self. For most of us these two things don’t match up. Whenever someone comes into conflict with you, they are… Seek More

Dealing With Conflict

One of the members of ‘One World, Many Paths’ seemed to use the group as a pulpit. He has very strong opinions. The funny thing is that he actually does know what he is talking about if you give it the test… Seek More

Reality Checking In Conflict

I’ve noticed how some things I’m fine with, and others will drive me nuts, and I’ve wondered what’s the difference between them? The things you are fine with though you don’t know why, are consistent with your brains “reality checking”… Seek More

Magical Insight

The four states of matter themselves seem to exist in tension, seemingly destroying each other. But for water “destroying” fire (read “transform), there is no destruction. Destruction is not even possible. Now let’s apply this to impersonal conflict. Instinctively, we… Seek More

Ways Of Acceptance

People get very hung up on “who they are”, and protest the unfairness of others not realizing who they are. For some people getting angry is actually quite functional, for others it isn’t at all. But I ask you, are… Seek More

Linear Thinking

Today, we are talking about the third option. First, I will start by asking, what does that phrase “the third option” mean to you? Thinking outside the box? An alternative outside the conventional. There are some basic facts of human… Seek More

Rainbow of Awareness

Our minds organize our memories into sectors, sort of a stain-glass mosaic of everything we have ever thought, felt, or perceived. Sectors of importance? Importance is something people have generally very little conscious control of. There is a process that… Seek More