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Words aren’t evil, though fixation can be a source of pain.

Rainbow of Awareness in Conflict


Our minds organize our memories into sectors, sort of a stain-glass mosaic of everything we have ever thought, felt, or perceived.

Sectors of importance? Importance is something people have generally very little conscious control of. There is a process that weights thought as well as sensory memory traces. That subtle anxiety I spoke of earlier? It originates from the core of the brain, and each memory we have is weighted by the degree of its visceral register. The more feeling we have about a memory, the more frequently it is recalled and the more it influences other memory recall.

Is that the reason why aromas can be such powerful memory joggers? It is indeed why.

By “the more feeling we have” do you mean the degree of intensity and not necessarily feeling “good” or “bad” about it? Yes. The degree of intensity of the emotion.

They are immediate triggers of something from the past even if you can’t remember why you remember. I can sometimes still catch the scent of my grandmother’s perfume. Yes.

That system of emotional charge giving weight to a memory has two broad values. First, we have the general day to day sense of how things go, our sense of everything being in psychological and emotional balance. The brain doesn’t care what our higher consciousness ascribed values of good or bad about. Everything that has a normal or peaceful quality about it gets stored away in a more quiet part of our brains, and when we relax we revert to those memories and the associated thoughts. The other general value our brains assign to memory is distress, and those memories get flagged, and take centre stage whenever an associated thought or perception occurs.

That’s probably the most basic animalistic instinct. Yes. We give priority to whatever might be wrong.

The reason for my describing this is that all higher thought is built on this foundation. A rainbow of awareness giving us all the various colours of distress or peace, but distress runs like a crack through our wind-shield all across the mind. This can be reconciled making thought assume a more holographic nature than it does by default. Remember my earlier comment about any idea being more or less associated with one other idea? This is true enough that they can use it for their brain to computer interface technology.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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