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So now what? Is only ever now and now is perfectly what it is.

Understanding Conflict in Conflict


Conflict is not an easy thing to understand. If one can recognize that it is a matter of opinion, and that it isn’t necessary to agree. Most of the ways you get “wronged” are in fact not about you or your well being at all.

I love a good debate. I have learned it is ok to have friends that don’t agree with my ideas. We can argue and still be close friends. It’s perfectly alright to have disagreeing friends, even beneficial which you do need for your own individual well being.

I find though that debate can deplete or misdirect my energies some. It can seem like debate for the point of debate. That would be mismanaged debate.

Sometimes it can be fun to argue if all parties recognize that it is not to hurt and do not utilize personal attacks. Oh true, and fun has its place as well, but there does have to be that understanding.

Any conflict you get into can be resolved in one of two ways, and for the model we can use viral behaviour. In the viral model, a virus is a life form that takes for its environment the cells of another living thing. It could be argued that it likely isn’t aware of the greater intelligence of its host. It has as its reproductive method of pirating the cells native DNA matrix. For the viral colony to survive though, it cannot afford to kill its host. So its challenge is to find a way to achieve symbiosis or at least minimize the parasitic damage it does to the host.

But it sometimes does anyway. Yes, it can fail, and have everything die. A lot of the DNA in the human genome is actually “neutral” viral matter.

If a flu is bad at it and kill all but a few who are immune, the flu dies too. Usually the flu kills only a small number that is insignificant and it’s usually the weak in the species that it kills. Yes. The other hosts adapt and maybe even forget there ever was such a flu. Well… This process plays out on all levels, even the metaphysical.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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