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Magical Insight in Conflict


The four states of matter themselves seem to exist in tension, seemingly destroying each other. But for water “destroying” fire (read “transform), there is no destruction. Destruction is not even possible.

Now let’s apply this to impersonal conflict. Instinctively, we don’t make any choice for the purpose of destruction. The subconscious mind doesn’t even have the ability to conceive of it, let alone prompt us to do it. So when someone seems like they mean to destroy you or something of yours, is that in any way an accurate interpretation?

We’re just not seeing their creation? Not seeing their “spirit language”, only their “body language”, but we often don’t even see that very clearly. Native Hawaiian people have a tradition of storytelling through motion, as well as chant/singing. The culture tunes into peoples body language more than ours. It even seems to have a magical insight into people.

If someone destroys some thing I value, what is their spirit trying to say to me? If they destroy something you value, you can see what their spirit is trying to say in the aftermath when the dust settles. Because if you aren’t still fighting them, they will create the circumstance they were seeking. You might even discover you like what they created, and just needed to sidestep the bull.

Perhaps in a philosophical sense? Well, it can be that way in an eminently practical sense as well. Is it proper to build a house on a crumbling cliff? Perhaps you really like the view, but is it in your best interest really? Likewise, if in any situation or circumstance you are encountering opposition, is it really best to try to create in the face of that? And even if you can’t create then and there, what is stopping you from creating elsewhere and later?

Is it just arrogance? That will not happen to me? Yes, it’s arrogance.

There is a constant “storm” of communication raging all throughout your world. If the weatherman tells you it’s going to rain and it rains, you don’t really get angry at him, at least most don’t. With proper awareness you can see the right time and place for anything you would create, and in the fullness of time create it all.

At the end of your time what will it matter that you were ever opposed if you fully expressed everything that was yours to express? It will matter of course, but not in a “visible” way. When your spirit jumps up against another’s like that, there is an opportunity for a cross pollination of energies. How can you say that darkness is unfavourable? Light impairs me.

I have to say it does change people in unfavourable ways though. Let’s say a battered spouse. A victimized woman. A victimized woman or man has still received an insight.

“Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.” Yes. You get my point, and in fact these victims often go on to be healers.

If they live long enough to have that insight. Death is still an end of a phase, but their wake still “lives.” It is still active, and they even can come to drown their attacker as he goes down for the final time under the executioners needle, or with a bullet in his heart.

Or with nightmares that consume them in the night. Indeed, and lead them to self destruction. There are as many ways to end anything as there are to begin anything, and conflicts are the decision gates.

The abused suffer those same torments too. Yes. The abused often side with their abuser in their own minds at least. It’s become commonplace in this day and age actually, and it isn’t outrage that frees them is it?

As painful and awful an evil as it is, it’s still finding a place in the larger pattern that frees them. Outrage can be a wonderful tool for letting go. I had to hate my sons mother before I could be free of the suffering and aborted life/mind state I was left in. But it’s not freedom of itself. It can be damnation. I know people, men especially, who have a huge log of wrongs and a deep seated seething outrage, and this is their whole life. They are never free of their suffering for all their outrage.

Go there and go through it? And then beyond it. But outrage by itself is not the key. It’s the door. An inner conflict. An invisible decision gate. Inner and outer actions can ensue. Mirror each other always.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Joseph D

    Hi Travis, very well written article and well resourced. I am sure that when people try to destroy something or someone it is a physical action coming from within, say their spirit is acting out. Very strange place we are in eh?
    Thanks, Joseph D

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