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The slayer who thinks he slays is slain.

Reality Checking In Conflict in Conflict


I’ve noticed how some things I’m fine with, and others will drive me nuts, and I’ve wondered what’s the difference between them? The things you are fine with though you don’t know why, are consistent with your brains “reality checking” mechanism. All of our minds engage in this process. It’s a necessary behaviour for survival. If all seems peaceful and quite as you cross the road and then suddenly you hear a loud engine sound, you must indeed look to this engine sound. Rapidly assimilate what it means and act without thinking. Thinking is actually an overrated faculty.

This reality checking process happens even in more mundane situations when you are dealing with people. The brain part of your mind checks for “normality”, and if there is no abnormality you get no alerts. But when there is abnormality, even if it’s something that intellectually you might judge as good, the brain doesn’t like it. Because if it’s a persistent inconsistency, that means other things in the picture are wrong as well.

Everyone familiar with meta-cognition? Being able to take awareness of your cognitive function? Aware of your awareness as a process and how it works? Mind/body as a system available to awareness. Well, there is actually a para-conscious process as well, transpersonal meta-cognition.

Would that mean a psychic version? Using the intuition? It would include that, but you would not necessarily have to be paranormally gifted to perceive it. You can read it from the synchronistic patterns that occur in your environment, and when you appear to be functioning in opposition to another creative force, rather than these synchronicities lessening or becoming confused they become more visible, louder. Yet people are trained to overlook them. They register as “unreal” in the reality checking process, because they don’t seem to have an immediate causative link.

This is suggesting that you’re where you need to be to learn or experience something? It does indeed, and there is no apparent causative link because these are the precursors to events, not consequences. If you take into consideration the “wake” created by any conflict, even between two people, you can project the various ways it can resolve, actually quite easily.

This has a lot to do with the way the mind vs. heart create? It does have a lot to do with that, yes. 🙂

Wake, like distancing or like ripples? Like degrees of social separation. Like the conservation of energy/information. An event that happens between you and I doesn’t affect just you and I. It can’t, but the “pull” the other connection has form “places” of resolution for any conflict. Most people in conflict take an “any harbour in a storm” view, because they are afraid of conflict. Is it any wonder life can seem so random?

But if you use the integrated mind, or ajna, you have many options for resolution? Indeed, you do.

So our minds throw up red flags and we then see conflict? And our conditioning regarding conflict disables us from choice, disconnects us from the actual communication. So no dialogue, no vote.

Yes, conflict can be very alarming. Conflict can so easily lead to violence so we have that instinctive flight or flight response. Indeed, but the conflicts we don’t notice because they aren’t triggering that red flag, still operate the same way.

Our “human” conditioning for conflict is simply fight/flight? Actually there is a part of the human mind that can function just as a bee’s mind does. Integrating the metacognitive awareness of the species, and informing our choice. Thus we have events like self sacrifice or altruism. They seem absurd from a materialist point of view, but they are totally in harmony for that level.

Do bees have those? Indeed, they do. Detailed studies show they even have the capacity to stage insurrections, and have a variety of ways of stabilizing this conflict in the hive. But humans are busy running away from any mind other than brain mind. This makes us seriously non-functional. At times even dysfunctional.

Animals and insects operate from a group consciousness which in humans is something higher that we are only beginning to use? Animals and insects function not only from a species related group consciousness, but from an awareness that arises in the ecosystem as well. Which if you accept a metaphysical model occurs in even seemingly unliving matter. It’s humans who cut themselves from this loop and do insane things like poison the ecosystem for their own satisfaction.

Humans like to believe that they don’t affect each other, but they do even non-verbally. They do constantly. We are all in endless dialogue with each other. The person who is across the street who “isn’t paying attention to you” is saying something to you.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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