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Perception is internal, regardless of it seeming to have no causative connection. People try manifesting but change a surface thought and not any element of their world view. Then the world view snaps back in, and they say manifestation isn’t possible.

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Too many posts to handle? If you missed out on a great one from 2009, here’s a few of the top posts that you may want to check out:

  • Native American Beliefs
    Posted February 2009 in Native American
    Native American religion isn’t actually a unified religion. In a sense, there both were and were not multiple faiths in the United States before the arrival of European culture. Many facets of it have been observed to parallel the now defunct Chinese religion of Bon, similar to Japanese Shintoism. It is basically Asian Shamanism. This […]
  • Bushido Philosophy
    Posted March 2009 in Bushido Philosophy
    Bushido is a diverse body of philosophy, and it is strongly linked to the Japanese religion of Shintoism. Shintoism and Ma’at, the native religion of Egypt, are very similar. They are tied to the forces of nature and the land. Holding them sacred, but also having a sense of divine order and humans connection to […]
  • Let Go
    Posted June 2009 in Darkness
    I value my shadow side, and have a natural inclination toward it. It is sort of my spirituality, but people often mistake me. A light during the day can go unnoticed in the broader light. This same light in darkness stands out very clearly. If you are a darkly inclined person it doesn’t mean you […]
  • Evolution of Indian Belief
    Posted May 2009 in Ancient India
    I would like to start by first saying Semitic and Indian beliefs are actually closely connected. The Aryan mountain people had their own sort of diaspora and encountered other cultures, but they were not of one mind as a people. Those who migrated to Iran were more militant, while those who migrated to the Indus river valley were […]
  • Necromantic Practice
    Posted June 2009 in Necromancy
    We are discussing necromancy. Keep in mind, I can discuss many things that I may or may not practice. Necromancy is actually very simple, as well as being highly controversial. It has been called a lot of things, and maybe one of the clearest is bone reading. Do any of you have in your possession […]

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