'Necromancy' Chapter


Necro = dead, and mancy = knowing or knowledge. In necromantic beliefs, the dead aren’t really gone so they can influence the living. In necromantic practices world wide, there were two basic schools of thought in necromancy. They say either that the dead are all knowing, and you need contact only one spirit to get your answer, or in the other the dead are not all knowing, and that to get your answer you either have to contact someone who knew it in life, or might have learned it in death.

“I stand back detached and I can hear the spirit person I am channeling, but I can’t hear it clearly – and then suddenly it goes blank, that’s really when they are in.” Derek Acorah

Necromantic Practice

We are discussing necromancy. Keep in mind, I can discuss many things that I may or may not practice. Necromancy is actually very simple, as well as being highly controversial. It has been called a lot of things, and maybe… Seek More

Sin Eater

What amounts to a necromantic practice is that of the Sin Eater. The Sin Eater was a person who performed a rite that is based on a Christian concept. Every sin must be atoned for, yes? If one could not receive… Seek More

Spiritual Sacrament

The tribes in Indonesia that eat the brains of their loved one’s are practicing necromancy? In a sense they are, but for them it hasn’t broken from their shamanism. So it is in a sense a spiritual sacrament for them,… Seek More

Occult Science

If you view a living soul a specific way then the dead are the same. A good bulk of the late medieval era/early renaissance necromancy had prayers to God, the Christian God, and many seemingly very pious acts, as did… Seek More

Aware of Spirits

Usually children or pets tend to be aware of the world differently. The young animals that have bonded with people, and the children not brainwashed by imperialistic schooling. So often, someone who has a surviving pet, or a child that was… Seek More