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Heat. Calories are a measure of heat energy. Entropy is also referred to as heat death. From death renewed life, and from life’s process slow death. Where really is the separation?

Spiritual Sacrament in Necromancy


The tribes in Indonesia that eat the brains of their loved one’s are practicing necromancy? In a sense they are, but for them it hasn’t broken from their shamanism. So it is in a sense a spiritual sacrament for them, and in some traditions of necromancy eating portions of the dead was practiced.

I would require two or three bottles of ketchup to eat that. Yuck! Yes, I wouldn’t want to eat the dead either, but people can be overcome with powerful spiritual feelings. In Indonesia, they aren’t saying “Hey, lets snack on dear, dead Grandpa.” Even Christianity practices a symbolic eating of the dead, literally an eating of Jesus. So necromantic practices seemed to disappear for a while in medieval Europe, but they didn’t really. Guess who was practicing them?

Masons? Masons potentially yes, but priests. The keepers of the crypts. Officially it was banned, but they had a collection of extensive material from both the Moorish regions and old Greek texts, and those necromantic texts that still exist today do not conform to the ideas held by those conducting the witch hunts of an even later era. They even focused on that. It was believed that a Necromancer could not utter prayers, or enter holy ground. This is why they consecrated graveyards, but the same priests would engage in necromantic observances. Both for their own benefit and when paid, because they did believe in the power of it, and believed knowledge could be gained or events influenced.

What’s the benefit? In necromantic beliefs, the dead aren’t really gone so they can influence the living. Also, a sect of Catholic priests and monks, Franciscans I believe, made a great point of studying “evil” heavily. Were they corrupted? They were big keepers of the rites of exorcism, and we still have these rites because of the priests who ignored the ban on necromancy, and this is why the modern Catholic church is so reluctant to give their official permission for it. It’s sort of a hiccup in their doctrine.

Why are Ouija boards so risky? The planchette, as it was originally called, is a simple and sort of crude means of divination. You channel forces stronger than you know, and that is the main fear behind necromancy. Not that you can contact spirits, but that they may not want to leave. But in necromantic practices world wide, there were two basic schools of thought in necromancy. They say either the dead are all knowing, and you need contact only one spirit to get your answer, or in the other the dead are not all knowing, and that to get your answer you either have to contact someone who knew it in life or might have learned it in death.

Is there something simple and safe to try that would show me the dead exist? Perhaps going to a medium with a good reputation?

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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