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There are no coincidences. The line of cause and affect may be very abstract, but it is there.

Occult Science in Necromancy


If you view a living soul a specific way then the dead are the same. A good bulk of the late medieval era/early renaissance necromancy had prayers to God, the Christian God, and many seemingly very pious acts, as did Nostradamus rites of invocation before he divined.

Usurped like many of todays festivals? Actually, yes. This is part of why in later reckoning necromancy came to be associated with demonology, because they demonized the Gods that originally were involved in necromantic ritual. Maybe like has happened very often, the church called people demons, or demon possessed, to serve its own purpose?

Well, if demons took over the people of necromancy, it gathered a lot of old manuscripts and had monks that worked on translations in their gloomy huts. Yes, basically early censorship. They were studying the cultures that they had subjugated, and some of what they found was actually “dark” practice. Much wasn’t, and yes, by taking their lore and relics they had fear as a weapon to use on them.

Why is the Catholic church such a big authority on demonology? That is an excellent question.

Why they are reluctant to permit exorcism? The Christian church acknowledges its exorcists. I’ve seen them interviewed. The charismatic’s are big on it. They don’t have the long scholarly lineage of Catholicism, but they are reluctant because it shows the churches soft underbelly. The events that lead to exorcism, or any kind of spirit being free on earth, are supposedly not possible in their doctrine. For the charismatic churches it doesn’t matter as much. They keep everybody nice and fired up emotionally so they won’t ask any questions.

What is that, charismatic church? Ah, the evangelical types. Pentecostals.

If they intuited back then, how come they don’t now? We need to be informed and taught. I speculate the same was true of our ancestors. There are many ancient manuscripts that refer to technology, for example the Vedas. These two points are not necessarily exclusive thoughts? Technology and necromancy are not exclusive I agree, and it can be argued that people don’t intuit the things behind necromancy anymore for the same reason we are largely mentally ill. We are very unplugged. So yes, the early mystical traditions did venture into technology as well. As a matter of fact, Da Vinci was a critic of the taboo regarding necromancy, because alchemy was accepted as a “science” of how things happened, and to his mind so was necromancy. Do you agree friends, or disagree?

Alchemy was all science. Today it is compartmentalised. Alchemy had inferred spiritual agencies, and yes alchemy and any other natural philosophy were not separated at the time. The term science had not been adopted.

There is a science to the occult I would respond. I agree there is.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive

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