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Science started with the uncensored motive to understand, and they called it magic.

Aware of Spirits in Necromancy


Usually children or pets tend to be aware of the world differently. The young animals that have bonded with people, and the children not brainwashed by imperialistic schooling. So often, someone who has a surviving pet, or a child that was born just before the death of a family elder, will see the departed person.

I still want to understand why we find spirits so chilling? I want to understand that also.

How can I know the spirit is really there or just my over active imagination? Well, I had a belief about that. Have you noticed how your eyes function? Sort of on their own? Even sort of force the information into your brain?

You mean without you thinking about them working, they just work? Yes, that’s part of it, but they teach in hermetic magic to challenge any illusion from the spirits. So according to them, if you change your focus and they change, it’s maybe a spirit and they are being deceptive. If you change your focus and the image is lost, then it wasn’t a spirit at all but your imagination. That’s the hermetic test. The other would be to reflect on inputs just like your brain does on its own. A spirits presence will be consistent even if you aren’t seeing it. You may feel things or notice unexplained events. All the little bits will show the same personality.

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You might get a feeling someone is in the room with you making noises on the carpet. Yes. If you believe in presence sense, they would still sense the same as everyone else. It is sort of like the Vampire myth, and it was believed that a Vampire couldn’t be seen in a mirror, because the mirror was reflecting the soul and the Vampires soul was gone. Likewise, if a ghost is present you can be aware of them, because although the body is gone the soul is present, and you sense presences because you can sense souls.

You will still feel the energy in the soul? Yes, and to take physical action they have to take physical energy. So they create cold spots and stuff.

Then I am sure I have had visits many times, but didn’t feel afraid really. You don’t have to be afraid. Being afraid would be like me going “omg! Someone’s walking on the sidewalk in front of my apartment!” They are present, but they don’t take up your space, and they still see things through a screen like we as living people do. This is why when they interview a haunt they sometimes get weird answers that prove to be true in the history of the place, though not literally true now.

When I was about 4-8 years old there was one “spirit” , a woman. She’d come to my bed every night. She’d stand near and stare into my eyes for hours every night, and she forced me to stare back even though I was scared. Why would she do that? Seem like an old spirit? Like it had been around for a long time on that level? Maybe this will explain it. To be a lingering spirit is sort of like being in a sensory deprivation tank. They are still aware, but they don’t have the input from the body. They see with the minds eye and intuit intended information.

Some instances are claimed to be replays, while others are claimed to be interactive or free willed? Yes, this is right about the two categories. But as they linger for long periods of time, their grip on physical reality slips a bit. It shifts, and they begin seeing something else. So the old woman may either have wanted to share in your experience, still not intending to scare you of course, or may have been reacting to something she saw in her altered state of being.

I don’t generally give people “be scared” advice. So, if it’s meaningful to you then it might be promising to investigate it, or it might just be strangeness with no answer. Hell, I experience strangeness with no answer from the living. I don’t need the dead for that.

For some reason I want to investigate and understand. Ah, then I do suggest you do, and if she’s somehow a spirit guide to you, like any teacher she may not have been willing to let you ignore a lesson.

Your thoughts are welcome. Be well friends.

Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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  1. Zara

    Please help me…I know that I am young but I feel so old, I have never felt like a child, not in my lifetime. I am 14 years old, I will be 15 on Apirl 1 at 11:59pm and I have seen spirts for as long as I can remeber. To me when I see them…they are as they were when they died. They are mangled and burned, and they come for me. Every night. I have not slept more then 1 to 2 hours a night for six years. I have only seen a few who have a ‘body’ as they remembed most strongly, I can half way communicate with them but not welly. Sometimes I get an urge to that certain things and mix them together and burn them, and when ever I do things always seem to go my way? Am I doing something wrong? Should I resist it? Please help me, please. Just because I am a child does not mean that I am lieing.

    • Travis

      The spirit world is very busy as you already know. Our fear of spirit presences and our expectations manifest themselves in our perceptions. The majority of spirits aren’t actually aware of you and that’s part of why you have trouble communicating with them. Consider that maybe you have a need or desire to help someone and that may be distorting your perception. A meditation practice may help clear your perception and help you center. As for the burning ritual, some people are naturally attuned to some energies in their environment. This is not wrong and short of your practice harming something or someone else, feel free to continue doing it. It is in your best interest, but do not allow it to become compulsive.

  2. Zara

    Oh and why do I feel so old? Is it just because I have not slept more the an hour a night in six years?

    • Travis

      Feeling old is probably a combination of two things. The first is exactly what you said, not getting any sleep sucks the vibrancy out of you and your ability to interact with the envrionment. The second is that if you are attuned to the supernatural world, you may have developed a symbiotic / parasitic relationship with one or more entities there. This is easily adjusted as they don’t have as much influence over your energy as you do and cannot have.

  3. Zara

    I have not been completely honest with you, I can conmunnicate with them in a way that I think is very strange. When they wish or if I let my guard down they will leave an imprint on me, their strongest memory. I have lived a hundred deaths, but at the same time I have witnessed firsthand the happiest memories of people I never knew. It is horriable but at the same time…I don’t know how to describe it. When you have witness your own death through others then go to school and live your life it makes this impresiion on you, that you just can’t figure out how to live with. Also if a I come to enjoy a spirits company it stays with me and becomes stronger in a way, it seems to get more body to it, becomes more solid and people seem to react to it more when it comes into view. I had one lady who had died in the house we lived in when I was a child, her name was Mrs. Phinxs. She spent almost six years with me as my only friend (other children thought I was strange, even my own siblings). When my mother started to redecorate the house she became angry and hurt my mother. Pushed her off chairs, tripped her, and made her fall down staris. I saw it happen and I was powerless to stop her, until I lost my temper…I fekt this pressure in my whole body, almost a burning and then it exploded out of me. The whole house shook and I never saw Mrs. Phinx again…she just disappeared. My mother thought her lucky just changed after the ‘small earthquake’ I tried to tell her but she just thought it was just my imagination. I don’t know what I am, do you? Could you please help me? You can ask me anything you wish and I will answer. Please.

    • Travis

      It could be valuable to you to come to understand this side of the world. You are an individual, but you have a unique ability. You can come to understand this other facet of the world. When you understand it, you will understand what resources are available to you and what actions you’re able to take. I would recommend a period of withdrawal so that you can center on your own awareness first and then open back up to this side of the world that you experience. Deliberately disconnect yourself or limit how open you are.

      You are correct. There is no such thing as luck and the events you’re witnessing in the world are real, but they are not beyond your power to influence. Apply yourself. Don’t come to rely on spiritual influences and this will enrich your life rather then dominate it. If there is anything else you’d like to share, please let me know. Hope this helps.

    • ambient transient

      My opinion:

      You are a true human being. A real one. Your soul is aware and waiting for you to ask for guidance. As a child you were just open enough to tap into the vast resource of psychic power that you have. I’ll bet that you have long, exhausting dreams about visiting other worlds, and have visited some of them more than once.

      • Zara

        I never sleep much no more then an hour or two a night. I have horrible nightmares, mabe you are right. Mabe I vist these places and they scare me…I never remember all I know is that I wake up screaming whenever I sleep to much, well I always did as a child I haven’t tried in years to sleep through the night.

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