There is a coherence beyond neural linkage. Something that persists beyond brain damage. That knows an ‘I’ without defining ‘I’. It is the bit which is left when chat stops in meditation. That is the true self.

Nature of Spirits in Spirits


Spirits aren’t the rare spooky encounter you hear about in haunted locales. You likely sense them on a daily basis. When you sense someone walk into a room, the sense of presence, their personal energy is a spirit. It’s just a level of being. In fact if you are inclined to visit parks or other less trafficked but living locales, often you can feel a sense of presence everywhere. Though it is sometimes difficult to localize.

There are a variety of reasons for that. Probably the most common spirit phenomenon is not so much a spirit as it is a spiritual footprint. The mark a spirit leaves. These are commonly called thought forms. If you are inclined to visit libraries or art museums these are often very easy to sense. Any place that inspires a lot of intense but quiet thought can give rise to patterned energy. Often times it follows the character of a sculpture or portrait, thus it can seem like these things are moving or aware. They are in a very loose sense, but they aren’t an actual spirit.

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The world itself has a general pervasive spirit. The various life forms interact so intimately that it gives rise to a shared pool of spiritual energy. This is referred to in many circles as “Gaia”, but is in fact not a singular intelligence but more akin to a hive mind. Even light exploration into science will show that time and space are not constant, for all intents they are only semi-real at best. So in many cases when one feels they are witnessing the spirit of a deceased individual they aren’t, especially if this spirit doesn’t seem to be aware of you or its environment in general. Gaia has a memory of sorts and any phase in the time continuum can play out at any other point. No great feat of individual perception is necessary to see Gaia’s memory of a departed time. It remembers on its own and you would only need to be sensitive.

The world is in fact not a big haunted mess as many would seem to paint it. Many spirits aren’t the remanent of a human being so much as they are the presence of an energy that may have incarnated in a way you don’t recognize as intelligent. Not every spirit is as fully embodied in a “body” as we see ourselves to be.

The basic elements of matter can serve as the vessel for a spirit. A rock, a body of water. These tend to be as receptive to spiritual energy as our bodies are if not more so. When a spirit incarnated in that way in the past it was called an elemental, and if it seems like there are actually spirits everywhere it’s because they are. They just aren’t dead.

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