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When you stop taking things so seriously then you start seeing them clearly.

Death and Living in Spirits


Even death as most define it doesn’t really exist. As science says, energy cannot be either created or destroyed and it’s not. It can only change state. It does. When we die we don’t somehow get catapulted to some other planet, some other realm far from earth. The veil is merely the event horizon for matter. Not really that mysterious if you think about it. Matter is just a pretty limited phase for energy to be in. When we die our energy normally sort of flares up, like a beacon for those who exist in that state. But we aren’t necessarily any more enlightened because we died, and in extreme cases the newly deceased will shy away from transition. They will reject contact from the others who have already made the shift.

But even if you do make the shift, the other side isn’t necessarily an otherworldly place that you wouldn’t recognize. It’s a place of memory, rather accurately described in pre-Christian faiths. You remember who you were and your recent memories manifest in your environment, but you discover that’s not necessarily who you are.  It is sort of like the life review those near death have, but not so unstable. The instability of “seeing your life flash before your eyes” is just to encourage you to let go.

The earth itself is not a closed system energetically or spiritually. In that higher energy state we call death there is actually plenty of traffic that would be considered from “beyond earth”. Most of which just observes and doesn’t seek to shift into the “matter” phase at all. Though bizarre spiritual encounters during astral projection give people the impression the world is being invaded by “demons” and such. In fact these strange beings are in many ways nothing more scary than tourists.

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Travis Saunders
Dragon Intuitive


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